Moncler Has Created Puffer Coat Gowns And They’re Amazing

Which aspect of winter is the worst? Generally, you have to avoid trying to get frostbite while maintaining a fashionable appearance. We lose our shape, femininity, and overall vibe when we’re dressed in obscene parkas. Fortunately, Moncler can help with that.

A $2,710.00 dress made by the well-known designer resembles an odd cross between an evening gown and a puffer coat.

It comes with a sleeveless shirt and a maxi bubble skirt that is currently available in blue and pink. The removable sleeves shown on the models are available for purchase separately. Furthermore, each pair of these gloves costs $1,500.

The brand describes the material’s dazzling sheen as being achieved with “lacquered-effect tech fabric.” Although this appears to be quite cozy for people who live in freezing Northern areas, not everyone online seems to be in favour of the French fashion brand’s most recent and divisive move.

Even if Moncler’s attempt to make a modern tribute to the puffer coat isn’t currently the most widely appreciated, recycled trends like puffer coats have been making a comeback repeatedly.

It sort of combines the utilitarian and evening fashion worlds to produce a new fashion hybrid. Isn’t that the fundamental purpose of creativity?

While some might view the theatrical looks as great fashion, others might compare them to one of those Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube People.

Unfortunately, it is only available on the Barney’s website in a small selection of sizes right now.

The only demographic that has adopted this trend thus far is wealthy, lean individuals who detest the cold. But we can’t wait until a more budget-friendly version appears in big-box stores so we can feel posh in something that feels as comfortable as a onesie.

Would you be proud to sport the cozily elegant style or would this look be too strange for you?

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