Move Over Flower Crowns, Mermaid Crowns Are Taking Over

When you saw mermaid hair, did you swoon and experience immediately jealousy? Well, my nautical princesses, there’s a new trend on deck, and it might even trump the multi-hued hair trend. Mermaid crowns are a modern take on a tiara, and the organic evolution of the flower crown.

Wearing an actual tiara can be a bit much (though we totally won’t judge you if you do), so wearing a crown made of natural things seems a little bit less ridiculous.

Flower crowns are the soft, natural option for hippie girls that like to lay in fields of grass and listen to folk music. Mermaid crowns are their punk rock big sister, and are all about that whimsical but edgy vibe.

They’re a smorgasbord of materials that’s a little more visually aggressive on the eyes that flower crowns are. They are rougher because they are things of repurposed beauty – sea glass, and seashells. They are things of regal beauty, adorned with sparkles and gems, and look more fit for a queen than a princess (sorry, flower crowns) (sorry, flower crowns)

Oh, and she even donates 30% towards efforts to preserve the great barrier reef – home of all mermaids and mermaid lovers.

Some might be scared to rock this on any day other than Halloween, but we think it’s totally acceptable to wear to a first date, a dinner party, music festival or any other casual occasion where you want to let your hair down and channel your inner sea goddess. Coachella’s gonna go crazy for this one.

Something to remember if you’re wandering your local beach and want to create your own DIY Neptunian look – over-harvesting shells can actually affect a place’s ecosystem, and some animals use shells as their homes! So don’t be rude and steal a lil’ marine creature’s home by taking too many, and you can always buy from Mermaid crown professionals, like Shiels on her online shop here!

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