Nail Shapes And What They Say About You

Today, we’re going to assess your personality based on the design of your nails. That’s right, especially to someone like Sherlock Holmes, your fingernails can reveal a lot about you. So let’s put our deerstalker hats on and try to figure out some character qualities, some cold, hard truths about you, and maybe even some secrets.

1. Round

A traditional shape is rounded. We can therefore infer from this that you value nice, neat, and classy goods. You’ve probably been getting your nails done at the same salon for years, or you do it at home every two weeks. You probably don’t like changes too much because you prefer things to be organized. You probably favor neutral hues and a French tip for special events. So far, are we correct?

2. Square

A useful shape is the square. It essentially results from trimming your nails. As a result, you are probably a laid-back individual who dislikes wasting time on unimportant matters. You typically choose practical goods, so if you own any nail paints at all, it’s likely that you only have one or two bottles that you use frequently at home. However, you’re not opposed to having an alternative manicure occasionally for a fun night out.

3. Squared Oval

A squared oval is a shape that falls in between an oval and a square, much to how you often find yourself when making decisions. Although you don’t want to stand out, you also don’t want to fall behind. Therefore, you try your best to blend in and simply participate in the group or whatever is going on. And what about that? Simply trying to fit in is not a problem.

4. Oval

Elegant women who enjoy socializing frequently tend to favor oval nails. They are skilled party hosts, and if they go to someone else’s, they always bring gifts for the host. They take tremendous care to always appear fashionable and up-to-date. Though styles change with time, trends come and go.

5. Almond

Like a middle ground between oval and stiletto nails, almond. That indicates that although you don’t hesitate to take chances, they are always calculated ones. You’ll wear something different, have longer nails, and choose a flashy or vibrant design, but you won’t go as far as Lady Gaga in terms of risk-taking in order to stand out.

6. Stiletto

Even if those nails are incredibly lengthy and awkward, their appearance is what matters. You enjoy making a statement and are not scared to do it. You’ll make a scene when the occasion demands it. You’ll purchase the most striking nail polish color on the market and not only give the newest trend a try, but you’ll also start your own.

7. Casket

Coffin nails are a sign of edginess. You will receive that complimentary drink and wear black nail paint to a wedding or christening, thank you very much. When you go out for karaoke with your coworkers, you will choose a ballad because you want to have the best time possible. And yeah, you are a pro; you have no trouble at all using those nails to type on your phone or laptop.


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