Nail Trends For Fall/Winter 2014-15

As the balmy summer days start to cool off, so do our attitudes, wardrobes, and color schemes. November’s air starts to feel a little chilly as winter draws closer, therefore it’s time to consider refreshing your nails with some sophisticated autumn/winter hues. Here are some nail trends for 2015!

Choose rich, deep colors like blue, gold, black, Bordeaux, loud and bold glitter, wine shades, plum, or subdued shades like creamy greys, khakis, nudes, and browns. For the majority of fashionistas, a manicure is more than just “nail coloring”; it’s a form of jewelry. It is a quick and inexpensive way to add warmth to your winter wardrobe. So don’t look any further than a stylish nail paint bottle.

length and form of untreated nails

Natural nail length and shapeYour nails’ length and shape can give your hands a stylish appeal. The most popular nail shapes this season are almond-shaped and oval free edges. Trends in nail length and color fluctuate regularly. The traditional “natural form” is also acceptable for the upcoming winter season. Although this style often has shorter nails, it will be highly popular this season. These are the top two trends for the upcoming winter season of 2015.

Metal blinds

Add some metallic polishes to your season’s must-have list. As for polishes, golden hues will always be a sure indicator of wealth. Whatever metallic tone you choose, your nails will appear elegant. Silver, bronze, and gold metallic nails have never looked better than when worn with fall-inspired clothing. In fact, you may consider them to be a replacement for bling bling!

lunar-shaped nails

One of the major trends for the year is moon-shaped nails. You have a lot of alternatives when it comes to conducting tests. Similar to an inverted French manicure, the moon nail style places the moon adjacent to your cuticle rather than at the tip of the nail. You can start with something traditional and classic or bold, using colors like silver and black, white and nude, or burgundy and gold. It’s up to you to select which one you prefer the best. Ingenious ideas like creating an arrow space in place of half-circular forms are also available. The colors I’ve described above will put you in style, but the color combinations are really only limited by your creativity.


StripesStripes of various widths and lengths are a remarkably simple method to design your nails. All you need to focus on are great color combinations and vertical direction. Any contrast shade that suits your mood may be chosen by you.

Shiny and Glittery Nails

Do you still believe that glittering and dazzling nail art is inappropriate for everyday looks? Please remember that there are many stylish combinations that you can use for big occasions as well as regular activities. On a dark background hue like navy, lilac, plum, burgundy, or black, glitters stand out very well.

the lacy manicure

Lace manicureGirls will always be girls, thus they adore lace. Additionally, lace nails are a must this season. Even if you don’t have any specialized drawing abilities, using basic lace templates can enable you to create incredibly tidy manicures in no time.

bare nails

Nude nailsIf your style is more traditional and you love natural nail polish, congratulations—naked nails are trendy for the upcoming season. Unexpectedly, this nude style became popular. You should picture colors like beige, milky white, peach, cream, etc. when I say “naked.” Depending on the one you select, it may have matte colors or glittering textures.

European manicure

There is never a time when the classic French manicure should be abandoned. The rich, “finished” appearance is the reason it’s referred to as a “classic style” for nails! The “French mani,” however, is no longer just about a light-colored base and white tips. It now comes in stunning full color. There are several appropriate color combinations, ranging from black and white to dark gray or maroon. Your risk-taking experiments are definitely welcomed.

Keep in mind that you can wear the opposite of these trends and go fully against them. Actually, that might be trendy as well. No matter what color your nails are, you need still take care of them and maintain them strong.


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