Never Let Go Of A Man Who Does These 9 Things

Although they are rare, great men do exist. And ladies, never compromise. You can go on as many dates as you like and have some fun, but whenever you start to consider a serious commitment, be sure the man meets your expectations. He should not only be decent, but also give you the best impression of having been struck by lightning. You deserve a someone who improves your life and gives you reasons to feel loved, supported, and cared for. You must not consent to good enough. Here are a few additional qualities you ought to include on your list for a man you want to retain around.

1. He values you.

Yes, we will prioritize respect over anything else. Because unlike what sitcoms might have you believe, love and respect are two whole different things. The key is respect. You want someone who respects your thoughts, judgments, and opinions and who holds them in high regard.

2. He Has a Complete Love for You

Since you are in a romantic relationship with this individual, love comes first, followed by respect. However, be certain that it is love and not only lust or attraction (those are important too, but for a serious relationship you need love).

3. You’re Important To Him

There are some men who view having a girlfriend or partner as nothing more than a checkbox on a list of desirable traits. Don’t accept that. You want someone who places you at the top of their priority list.

4. He Can Laugh You Out Loud

Any relationship benefits greatly from having a sense of humor. You don’t want to feel uninterested for a long time. Even more significant, though, is his capacity to make you laugh even when things are at their worst. When the going gets tough, if he can make you laugh or smile and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel, that’s something that’s really worth clinging to.

5. He Offers Consistent Support

Having someone who always believes in you and supports you is essential since we can all be quite hard on ourselves. Run away from your partner if he’s always pointing out your defects and errors whenever you make a mistake. A keeper, however, is someone who, when you fail, implores you to try again and promises to always remain by your side.

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6. He Believes in You

Although it’s usual for people to have trust issues these days, if your partner doesn’t trust you, he isn’t ready for a relationship and doesn’t deserve you. You want a man who has complete faith in you. The aim is to find a man who doesn’t ask you to prove anything or offer you any cause to distrust him.

7. He Can Make Good Compromises

Only in the case of minor issues are compromises required. We’re discussing things like our movie and supper plans. You want a partner who shares most of your general beliefs, but who is also open to giving in occasionally and choosing to watch Bridget Jones instead of a football game.

8. He Loves You.

A man worth keeping around is one who appreciates your eccentricities. You desire someone who adores your eccentric habits and is your biggest supporter. a man who is incredibly appreciative of every aspect of you, from your great sense of style to the way your nose wrinkles when you laugh.

9. He tries to be there for his friends and family.

Although we’ve spent a lot of time discussing how a man should treat you, it’s also critical that he treat your friends and family with respect. The fact that he is actively attempting to win over the individuals who are closest to and most significant in your life is undoubtedly a positive indicator.