New Foodie Trend Is A Giant Pizza Slice – The Biggest You’ve Seen

The huge or giant pizza slice challenge is here. When you can simply admit to your buddies that you had “a slice,” why feel bad about eating a whole pizza pie by yourself?

The biggest pizza slice challenge was published on Her Beauty’s website: New Foodie Trend: A Giant Pizza Slice.
Well, a 2-foot piece, at least. The La Manna bakery in Toronto, Pizza Barn in Yonkers, New York, and Joe’s Rotisseria in Roseland Park are currently the most well-liked operators of the gigantic pizza.

We hope that the #megapizza challenge continues well into 2020 since we can never get enough of eating pizza in enormous numbers or topping the cheesy delight with inventive ingredients.

You can experiment with unusual toppings like Mac n’ cheese or penne vodka, as well as a variety of topping combinations on many of these pizzas.

You can get a pizza slice at some of these establishments, such as Joe’ Rotisseria, where the top half is a huge calzone and the bottom half is packed full of the toppings of your choosing. Additionally, they provide a crust composed of garlic knots and other delectable creations.

Some people were horrified while others couldn’t stop drooling over the nachos, little pepperoni pizzas, waffles, and bacon the men at La Manna in Toronto threw on a slice.

This concept originated with La Manna years ago as an appetizer for a family birthday celebration for several of their friends. It caught on, and they still often sell out of these absurd XXL pizza slices today.

Who wouldn’t want to pose with a pizza slice that is ten times larger than their head? It is only natural that these pizzas have become extremely popular on social media. We have faith in you to make a DIY vegan cheese version for the lactose intolerant people with #FOMO.

The majority of these slices have a price tag of above $20, with three topping combinations having a higher cost. Given that it would be virtually impossible, it seems to us to be fairly logical. For one individual to eat these hideous things. We are more than eager to give it a shot, though.

Slices cost more than $20 | New Foodie Trend: Biggest Pizza Slice Ever | Her Beauty


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