Nicola Coughlan Best Bridgerton Looks

Penelope is no different from the other residents of Bridgerton in that various hues stand for various status markers. Penelope’s clothing, which ranges in colour from yellow to pink to orange, seems to tell a tale. She is the only character that wears yellow, and despite her complaints occasionally, yellow was one of the most popular colours throughout the Regency era. Penelope is intricate, just like her clothes.

Additionally, Penelope’s mother is a maximalist, just like the rest of her family (who are from new money). Consider an abundance of ruffles, decorative elements, florals, and vibrant hues. She follows the maxim “more is more” and dresses her daughters in bright colours because she wants to draw attention to them and highlight their attractiveness. The entire series occasionally has the impression that everyone is competing for attention in a fashion show.

We also appreciate the inclusion of a size plus queen among the size zeros on the show, and Nicola Coughland’s Bridgerton is just as stunning as her less curvy competitors.

1. Penelope is absent of her typical jewellery and accessories in this uncommon appearance. Her floral wig extensions are still perfect as usual. This outfit fits her red ringlets well since it combines peachy and yellow tones for a golden sunset effect.

2. This dress also reminds us of Penelope Featherington’s other candy-colored designs with its sherbet undertones and sunset mood. A patterned dress with either levels or closed flower buds features puffy cap sleeves. We’re a little fascinated, but we’re not sure which one it is.

3. Penelope is not accustomed to wearing as many pastels as this lovely in pink ensemble. We adore the floral breast centrepiece with black lace trim and the 3D floral embellishments on her sleeves. But it’s those translucent pink polka-dot gloves that truly make this outfit pop.

4. This pink is more in line with Penelope’s usual speed. She decides to wear a more opaque magenta glove with frilled accents this time because it complements her fair skin beautifully. Rich but not overly garish colours are used in the flower details on this ensemble, and the eye-catching necklace top gives it a vibrant and shimmering touch.

5. Miss Featherington is seen here hanging out with her best friend while sporting a timeless yellow outfit. It’s all flowers, as usual, plus there’s a matching necklace and wonderful embroidered design. Even her hair, which features a vivid yellow feather and dreamy pink flowers, resembles a bouquet in this picture.

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6. That necklace and the ruching on this dark yellow dress wonderfully highlight Coughlan’s beautiful figure. This time, however, a look adorned with butterflies is presented to us in place of flowers. Because of a smart design, even the embroidery at the bustier appears to be a large (but subtle) butterfly.

7. OMG, we’re in love with this because it’s one of the few occasions we see Penelope without a visibly bright hue. She looks like a true queen with those long cream gloves and the golden embroidery. And since the rest of the style is subdued, the bird-of-paradise-looking item actually works as that extravagant element.

8. The pink gloves show up once more, but this time they’re wearing a new yellow outfit. The exquisite plume emerging from her locks and the silk shawl both considerably deepen the image.
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