Only Models Aged 50+ Walked This Runway At UFW And It Was Glorious

The fashion business is notorious for being extremely ageist. The majority of the clothing on the catwalks is not only designed for tall, fit people but also primarily for young people. Naturally, these young, attractive models—the majority of whom are either teenagers or in their early 20s—are modelling these outfits while they are on display. In the modelling business, you often retire at the age of 30, which is pretty early. There are, of course, exceptions; we’ve all seen the few and far between models who, at 50 or older, are still able to walk the runways or participate in significant photo shoots, but they’re typically the exception that proves the rule.

But things shouldn’t be that way. You don’t have to be young to enjoy fashion. Everyone has the right to appear attractive and stylish. In the world of fashion, people of all ages ought to be able to find something they like, and the runway show ought to reflect that in both the garments manufactured and the models that wear them. It ought to be open to people of various ages and fashions.

We therefore believed that it is crucial to emphasise when something is done correctly in light of this. because UFW recently experienced an amazing event. Designer Marina Rybalko debuted the STAR collection on August 31, the first day of Ukrainian Fashion Week, in association with the Charity Foundation LifeLover.

Only older models from the Adult Models Agency “LifeLover” participated in the programme for the first time in Ukraine.

Everyone in attendance was pleased to learn that Garik Korogodsky, a businessman, author, and co-founder of the fund, also walked the runway. “In the context of ageism issues and the social perception of age boundaries, this show is crucial. According to Tina Mikhailovskaya, co-founder of the LifeLover Fund, “We wanted to demonstrate the audience that beauty remains beyond age, especially in such a competitive industry as fashion, where a career ends at age 30.

We wanted to demonstrate that stylish current clothing will appear equally relevant and good on people of all ages rather than expressly designing a collection just for adults. The designer’s guiding principle in this collection is harmony in simplicity.

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