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Oral Sex Tips for Women Who Feel Awkward Receiving It

Oral sex, also known as cunnilingus, is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s also a very safe approach to guarantee sexual fulfillment in a relationship because the majority of vagina-havers reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation rather than intercourse.

But to be honest, a lot of individuals with vaginas aren’t always convinced they want to receive it, and neither do our partners. We consider how our vaginas appear. the fragrance of them. Whether our spouse is loving it or not, we could feel dirty due to a lot of internalized criticism of our absolutely gorgeous vaginas. We question if we appear “normal” down there. And all of those insecurities prevent us from enjoying the moment and relaxing (for some people, this can prevent orgasm), while our partners are frequently perplexed by our signals of “no, but yes, but are you sure you want to do that?”

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want up front, but do so in a romantic way.
It’s one thing to yell commands and make demands in bed, but quite another to stoop down and hushedly say that you would do anything — anything — for them to perform that thing with their tongue that drives you insane. Be passionate about it and direct. Begin simply by saying something like, “I like it when you touch me here.”

Make a commendation

It’s likely that your partner lacks confidence that they are satisfying you to your satisfaction if they don’t go down there as frequently as you’d like. Therefore, be sure to support your partner wholeheartedly while anything is going well. When something isn’t working, say so and offer a solution. Declare your love for that one thing out loud. Declare your impending arrival and explain the situation’s cause. It won’t seem as weird once you realize how happy your lover is when they succeed in making you happy.

Dress to increase your confidence.

If receiving Brazilian wax treatments every month makes you uncomfortable, you don’t have to do it. Do everything you can to make sure you are clean and groomed to your own standards if, however, your concern over how you appear below the belt prevents you from commencing oral sex despite wanting to. You don’t have to spend any money or endure any severe discomfort to achieve it, either. If you’re feeling sexy and just got home from the gym, trim a little, shave a little, and take a shower first. The likelihood is that your lover will still love you despite everything, but confidence goes a long way. Better better, find out what your partner thinks about being fully or minimally groomed. Even their response may boost your self-assurance.

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When it comes to asking for what we want, especially during sex, women are frequently criticized for not being more honest and forthright. It’s a good argument, but it might grow tiresome to constantly feel like a nag. Utilizing nonverbal signs is one method to prevent oral sex conversation, which can ruin the atmosphere. Nudge your body upward when your lover is kissing your neck or chest to indicate that you’d like him to explore other parts of you.

Do not act dead.

Allow yourself to be liberated enough to moan, groan, wriggle, and enjoy when he is giving you oral sex in addition to verbally communicating what you appreciate! The majority of partners will notice that you are more responsive and that you really, truly like what is happening and want it to happen more frequently. Anyone who doesn’t jump at the opportunity to drive you that crazy once more is obviously lacking in effort. Again, if you realize how happy your partner is when you are happy, it will give you more self-assurance.

Give oral sex to your lover.

Take the initiative by engaging in oral sex to convey your desire to engage in additional foreplay but reluctance to express it outright. Ask them to return the favor if they attempt to skip to the main course. It’s a terrific non-verbal way to indicate that you’re into something, and it works even better when you use your words. If your partner isn’t into oral, though, that’s another conversation.

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