Pixelated Hair Is The New Trend Taking The World By Storm

It’s hard to tell if we’re all just searching for fresh and interesting hairstyles because we’re tired of winter or if we’re all now fascinated with appearing more like video game characters than real people. But this is what we discovered today. Pixelated hair is the newest hair style that is taking the internet and the rest of the globe by storm. We cannot dispute the fact that it is magnificent, intriguing, and extraterrestrial, but how did we get here?

This brand-new method of hair coloring was created by the Madrid-based company X-Presion, which specializes in hair research and development. They claim that it was more or less an accident and that it wasn’t actually planned. It just so occurred one day when they were working on a model for a major show. But it didn’t quite appear like it does now. They decided to research and develop upon it, and the outcome is what you can see below.

Achieving pixelated hair, in the opinion of hair stylists, is simple as long as you adhere to a few principles and learn the technique, which you can do at the X-Presion Creative Education Seminars. So now you know, if you’re into it, you can master this incredible fusion of art and hair coloring.

When you saw pixelated hair, you might also wonder how well it will hold up to daily use. Is it just attractive the first day, when the hairstylist has arranged your hair in a specific manner? Because it appears that the entire impression would be destroyed if you were to blow dry it slightly differently.

X-Presion claims that it is actually simple to maintain. It’s wonderful that the hair is colored in a way that permits some movement in your hair without destroying the effect. And the pixels would still be there as your hair grew, simply migrate lower on your hairline. Therefore, you have two options: either leave it as is, or gradually add additional pixels closer to the base as the hair develops.

We therefore encourage you to attempt this unique new hairstyle if you like it; just make sure your hairstylist is knowledgeable about the procedure. It certainly seems like a lot of fun, and you’re sure to receive tons of praises from friends and bystanders. Hey, maybe you’ll even have a moment of internet fame.

As you can see, it works on hair of various lengths and colors.

Regarding the shapes and patterns you wish to create with these hair pixels, you are not really constrained in any way.

Additionally, you may make pixel art by molding complete characters from your hair.

Your imagination is your only restriction, whether you want Mario or just some lovely pixelated color blocks.


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