Prada Bags Forever: 11 Celebs Who Love Prada

A classic brand is Prada. It remains one of the most well-known designer brands in the world today despite being founded all the way back in 1913. It appears that Prada would still be a mainstay of the fashion industry even if they stopped all advertising at this point. Rich leather and timeless design are two characteristics of Prada handbags and purses. Celebs and anyone with a fashion interest now consider these handbags essential. While not all of us can buy a prada bag, we can look wistfully at them and see which prada bags celebrities favour.

Prada bags appear to be a favourite of Taylor Swift’s. In this picture, she is seen walking around with a Prada Executive Tote, while in the other picture, she is seen holding a vintage Prada Saffiano.

With a Prada “Galleria” Tote, Selena Gomez.

Jennifer Garner carrying a structured yet adorable Prada bag in beige. It’s a Prada Top Handle Briefcase, in case you’re wondering what her bag is called.

Nicole Kidman is a big fan of Prada handbags as well. She is shown here carrying the Prada Madras Spring/Summer 2011 Flap Bag, a brightly patterned bag, and a classic black Prada bag.

Charlize Theron’s Prada bag is tan.

In addition to proudly owning a regular-sized Prada bag, Kate Mara also appears to love Prada enough to purchase a duffle bag for travel.

It appears that Diane Kruger adores her Prada bag so much that she never leaves the house without it.

Famke Janssen strolls her pet in a mint-blue Prada Saffiano Gardener’s Tote.

Lily Collins appears to really like this particular Prada bag design because she has purchased it in multiple colors.

Mary-Kate Olsen, who is the self-proclaimed queen of shabby chic, and her preferred Prada Napa Fringe Tote.

Jessica Alba can carry both a traditional black Prada bag and a funky patterned one with ease and style.

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