Robin Roberts Shares Hair Loss Experience

The 61-year-old Robin Roberts is undoubtedly a role model for women all over the world. In addition to serving as the face of Good Morning America, she also serves as the president of her own production business, Rock’n Robin. Life hasn’t been easy for the star despite all of her accomplishments.

Robin Roberts leads viewers on a stroll along a crowded pier close to the Hudson River in New York City in a recent Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk episode for Apple Watch. She talks about her emotional experience with hair loss as a result of her breast cancer treatments throughout the 34-minute walk, and she discusses what got her through those trying days.

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Nobody anticipates hearing the words “you have cancer.”

She explains during the walk, “Thank goodness I was someone who got my body checked regularly and did a normal checkup, and felt a lump that I thought was odd; it turned out to be triple-negative breast cancer. Nobody anticipates hearing the words “you have cancer.” She acknowledges that the diagnosis was challenging. Hearing those words “was hard…was hard. At the time, I was 46, and I simply didn’t believe that I needed to consider cancer.

She received rounds of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer in 2007, and she was informed that she would lose her hair as a result.

Ladies frequently discuss their hair, particularly women of colour. We often discuss hair, and part of going through cancer treatment was realizing I would lose my hair, my crown!

The celebrity continued to work despite her health problems. She decided to wear a wig while receiving treatment and kept co-hosting GMA. But Roberts soon understood that, in an effort to make the audience feel at ease, she was not being her true self. So she decided to stop wearing the wig one day.

According to Roberts, “I wanted to be an example of what it’s like to live and work with cancer.” If you want to wear a wig because you’re going through something, do you… DO YOU; no one is judging. But I’ve learned from my journey with cancer that we are stronger than we realize.

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“I wanted to be a living, working example of what it’s like to have cancer,” I said.

Roberts spends the remaining portion of the walk thinking back on her life and all that it has taught her. She also says that walking has given her the ability to find comfort and clarity by giving her a chance to breathe in some fresh air during trying times.

“Movement, getting outside, taking a deep breath and feeling the wind, no expectations…and just being grateful are my ideas of a really good walk,” she said. I’m thankful that I can move around because there was a time when I couldn’t go for a walk.

You can listen to Roberts’ walk on Apple Fitness+ with your Apple Watch to hear more of her motivational journey in her own words and to join in yourself.

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