Royal Ascot 2019 – The Hat Edition

What can we do—the Brits will always have their bizarre traditions—funny it’s how a horse racing event is connected more with fashion than with genuine horse riding. It’s gotten to the point that bookmakers are even accepting wagers on what colour hat the queen will wear on what day. What a cool thing! Additionally, it appears that the more outrageous the hat you can wear to the royal ascot, the more street cred (or perhaps it would be more accurate to say royal cred) you gain. Let’s look at some of the craziest hats we saw during this year’s Royal Ascot. Pick your favourites and get motivated by these fantastic hat options.

1. The better, the bigger the hat, the more sideways it sits on your hat. At the Royal Ascot, at least, it appears that this is the accepted royal trend. Furthermore, if you can fit a sizable bouquet of flowers on your hat, go for it!

2. As usual, the Queen wore a colourful ensemble, and we approve. It’s always fascinating when the Queen opts for a striking hue. Her headgear had to, of course, match the rest of her outfit.

3. You could believe that carrying a pocketbook in the shape of the British flag is the most British thing you can do. But you’d be mistaken. Another alternative is donning a large hat in the shape of the British flag. Why didn’t we consider this earlier?

4. Kate Middleton looks fantastic right now! Love the soft blue colour, and the flowers give some drama, but not too much. One of the few hats that we feel confident wearing at the Royal Ascot.

5. Speaking of the most British hats ever, why not dress up your head in a teapot full of flowers? Certainly, the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland would be pleased. Our favourite hat of them all has to be this one.

6. You can always decide to stick to a theme and organise everything together like these women did. Red and pink are obviously the theme, and we adore how chic, cute, and slightly whimsical they appear.

7. What can you do—the event seems to be all about creating a stir and sticking out.

8. Feathers aplenty, flowers everywhere. This style of hat is perhaps your finest option if you need to blend in at the Royal Ascot. Even the royal family may mistake you for one of them.

9. The adage “the larger the hair, the closer to god” has probably crossed your mind. Obviously, “the taller the hat – the closer to monarchy” would be the British translation of this.

10. Pom poms are a good choice if you’re not sure what to wear to the Royal Ascot.

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