Runway Outfits That Look Completely Different On Celebrities And Models

Many people observe runway models when it comes to high fashion and believe, “That will never look good on me.” And yes, we get your argument; frequently, the clothing worn by models doesn’t appear to be appropriate for a person of average size. But guess what? Even on superstars, these runway ensembles don’t appear the same. Because the celebrity wore them in an unexpected way, sometimes they appear better, sometimes they look worse, and sometimes they just look completely different. It just goes to show that everyone is playing a game of trial and error, whether they are famous or not. Let’s look at some runway attire that appears entirely different on models and on celebrities.

Jessica Lopez Ralph and Russo

Jennifer Lopez puts a lot of effort into maintaining her beautiful physique, but this is further evidence of how having curves can improve a look. Although that garment is lovely, I think we can all agree that J.Lo’s curves make it appear far better than the Lopez model’s.

Valentino with Meryl Streep

Both Meryl Streep and the model at the Valentino spring collection presentation gave off quite distinct feelings, but they both looked wonderful in that outfit. They just did so in very different ways.

In Gucci, Rihanna

Simply put, Rihanna can carry off any outfit. However, we still believe that it appears much better without the strange mask thing. You must admit, though, that the look is rather bold, yet Rihanna pulls it off so effortlessly.

Zendaya In Fausto Puglisi

Zendaya Zendaya also makes things appear far better than they do on the runway in Fausto Puglisi. Although it’s a passable runway style, we wouldn’t give the model a second look. But when it’s Zendaya, we can’t help but stare.

Christian Dior on Jennifer Lawrence

Do you recall Jennifer Lawrecen’s 2013 Golden Globe win? That dress is a Christian Dior creation from the fall collection, and we adore the way she decided to personalise it by making little changes and emphasising the waist with a metallic waist trainer. This only serves to demonstrate that, despite how stylish a designer gown may be, you can always make it your own and customise it to fit your body type.

Perry Katy

Haute couture is not something you can wear casually every day in Balmain, but Katy Perry is confident she can pull it off on the red carpet. It appears fantastical and whimsical on the model, but judging by her stage attire and music video costumes, Katy Perry also has quite a whimsical sense of style, so wearing this wasn’t at all out of character for her.

Kristen Stewart in an outfit

It’s a common quip that Kristen Stewart makes everything appear awkward. But she plainly didn’t enjoy wearing this much clothing, and it makes her appear uneasy. We’re really glad they gave up on trying to dress her in this way because now, whenever we see her on the red carpet, she genuinely looks cool.

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