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Satisfying Sex Positions That’ll Make Sex Last Longer

Speed and silence are often the keys to good sex positions when time is limited and the house is crowded. Other times, you want to enjoy a longer roll in the hay that allows you and your partner(s) to fully experience all the sensations you can feel.

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You should think about positions that allow you to ride and grind it out for as long as you’d like, whether your partner has some difficulty staying hard or you both find that you reach your peaks a little sooner than you’d like. Check out these sex positions that will enable you to stay in bed longer, making them ideal for lazy mornings, late nights, and everything in between.

It’s not always a sprint to have good sex—sometimes it takes a marathon.


In a modified version of the missionary, the penetrating partner enters while still standing or kneeling, and the receiving partner lies back on the bed (or other surface you’re working with). Raise your legs over your receiving partner’s shoulders (or hook them over an arm; choose a level of comfort that works with your flexibility). Both of you can independently control the penetration’s depth while receiving effective cervical and G-spot stimulation. If anyone approaches too quickly or too closely, you may benefit from having more control.


Spooning is a favorite of the lazy because it lets you simply grind at your own pace. It’s more difficult to overstimulate someone quickly when they’re not on their feet or all fours. All you need to do is have the penetrating partner enter the receiving partner from behind while you move slowly to your own groggy beat. If you want to get some clitoral action, you can choose to use your hands however you like, and you can easily back it up if you’re concerned about going too far too soon.


The lotus position is another cuddly option that enables the receiving partner to control the depth and intensity of penetration of a penis or toy while being on top. Wrap your legs around your penetrating partner’s lap, climb aboard, and ride. This is great for keeping track of where you both are feeling and what moves will help you sustain the lasting experience you’re craving because communication is at its best (eyes, mouths, and micro-expressions are all easy to spot).


This one is more of a general pro-tip than it is a position: Try edging to better understand how your orgasms come and go. (Consider it sexy, kinky data collection. Take a little more time to breathe together, wind down when you feel close, and then build back up again if you want to prolong your sexual encounters but find that you are getting too worked up too quickly. You can return to that later. Instead, move away from direct stimulation that will cause you to orgasm and explore other erogenous zones. Rings (like this, this, or this one) can be very beneficial in extending the orgasmic journey for partners who have penises.

Even though they can be fantastic, chasing the orgasm shouldn’t be the goal of sex. You’ll discover that letting go of the notion that the orgasm is the be-all and end-all of your sex life can go a long way — and help you go a long way too!

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