Searching For A Reason To Be Impressed Today? This Teen’s 3D Latte Art Should Do The Trick!

Think back to your adolescent years right away. What were you most proud of at that time in your life? Getting good at staying in bed until noon? Do you want to learn how to create hard-boiled eggs? You still can’t compare to Daphne Tan, even if we at Her Beauty are convinced that every single one of our readers is leading an incredible life! This 17-year-old Singaporean, who goes by the Instagram handle @periperipeng, has some major milk-frothing talents that can transform a regular latte into a 3D work of art with animals and cartoon characters that practically jump out of the cup!

The process of foaming the milk that tops cappuccinos and lattes intrigued our newest best friend, who attended a session on the appreciation of gourmet coffee back in December 2016. She needed to satisfy her desire for information (and perhaps coffee, too)! Daphne came across articles about 3D latte art while conducting some online research and immediately felt inspired. She can create all kinds of wacky latte magic in about 10 to 20 minutes with the aid of a milk frother, a few spoons, some food coloring, a bamboo skewer, and her limitless talent! Daphne’s art was even displayed in the 2017 Singapore Coffee Festival as a result of her abilities. Do you believe you have what it takes to carry on her legacy? Look at this:

1. If you enjoy coffee and the Super Mario Bros. series, try this beverage!

2. A rabbit using a fork and knife to eat a carrot? How fitting!

3. The ideal coffee drink on Halloween night!

4. Does a caffè latte qualify as uniquely Italian? On a coffee latte, pizza. Thus, yes.

5. The shocked milk-foam octopus is shocked.

6. or a really small-toothed elephant? This puzzle might never be cleared up…

7. When they showed the Minions and other stuff, that was my favorite part of Minions.

8. The fish in the deep blue sea are happy.

9. Winnie the Pooh is here…

10. Also include Tigger!

11. What a cute penguin. It’s wonderful even though I’m not sure what his friend with the goggles is supposed to be.

12. Imagine a unicorn being added to the magic of a nice latte.

13. We’ll refer to this one as…

the giraffe?

15. Hot tub party


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