Self-Taught Makeup Artist Blows Our Mind With Futuristic Face Art

Nowadays, beauty bloggers are well known for their contouring prowess or freakishly talented Halloween makeup looks. The exception is McDrew, who does her own thing with androgyny, looks inspired by the digital landscape, and other unconventional appearances.

She uses Photoshop to alter her appearance, but she’s completely transparent about it (she even provides tutorials on it), and you can tell from her live YouTube videos that her talent is no joke.

We appreciate how transparent she is about her creative process, especially in her “from sketch to reality” posts, which show her followers the magic that happens behind the scenes and even inspire some of their own original works.

You might see a little hard stenciled onto one of her eyebrows despite her appearance appearing regular.

Another might have a more fanciful appearance à la Lisa Frank, with pink rainbow clouds dancing over her face.

In order to achieve the greatest metamorphosis, she also portrays herself as a drawn-up male. Everything about that mustache and beard styling is drawn on.

She even created her own beautiful rendition of Ariana Grande’s “God Is A Woman,” using the rebellious pop star as a sort of inspiration.

We appreciate that Drew is a part of the movement that views makeup as more of a technical art than as a way to dress up and look cute for a date.

We really adore Drew’s robot-inspired outfits, which make him look like a contemporary, social media-inspired Blade Runner.

Everyone has been participating in the 10 year challenge, and Drew’s personal blog post from 2009 to 2019 has made us all aware of the glow-up’s potent influence.

Additionally, it tempts us to pack pretty clouds or hearts in place of our mundane blush compact when we head to work. But we’ll save that for another day.


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