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Sex Positions You’ve Gotta Try for Mind-Blowing Orgasms

Everybody enjoys a good orgasm. Although toys are always a fantastic teammate and not a competitor in this aspect!, there is a huge split in who is continuously obtaining them via their partner when it comes to partnered sex, particularly intercourse.

Orgasms for people with vulvas are neither a simple thing to acquire by penetration alone, but are they so elusive and complicated that they aren’t worth trying for. Don’t believe all the hype from movies, porn, and TV. In actuality, only around 57% of us have climaxes during sex, and even then, it usually happens in the presence of stimulation other than penetration. In reality, a 2017 research in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy found that 18% (!) of American women claimed they could come on vaginal penetration alone, while 37% of women reported they needed clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm.

The modified missionary or butterfly position

According to Dr. Madeleine M. Castellanos, a psychiatrist who specializes in sex therapy, “the male penetrates her while standing with the woman on her back and her hips on the edge of the bed.” “She then crosses her legs over his shoulders and softly elevates her hips. With deep penetration and a great angle for cervical stimulation, this can cause powerful uterine and vaginal orgasms. A guy can stimulate the anterior vaginal wall to touch the G-spot with shallower entry.

altered coital alignment method

Dr. Castellanos explains that a pair initially serves as missionaries. “A man allows a lady to draw her legs together between his once he has penetrated her thoroughly. Then he transfers his weight slightly forward so that his erection’s shaft is pressing firmly against her clitoris as he moves. For ladies who want clitoral stimulation during penetration to have a really potent orgasm, this works very well.

The tabletop

“I love this the best. It occurs when he arrives while standing and she is reclining on the counter or table with her back to him. It’s difficult, says Margaret Wagner, the former creator of Bedroom Matters and a sex specialist. Papers and pepper shakers are pushed aside, which adds to the inappropriateness and sense of rush. The woman may be moved and easily slid along the counter. Contact is still ongoing. He dives in and feels in charge. It functions in every direction. Clothing, having nothing in the way, and being in an open area are essentials. enables for connection while still feeling unclean. It simply functions on so many levels. It’s not a circus act. Context is important.

The scissors are seated.

According to Dr. Castellanos, “this position gives the woman the control to decide the depth and angle of penetration as well as how much clitoral stimulation she receives.” She straddles him with one leg to the side of his hip and the other leg between his legs while he lies flat on his back with his knees bent. When he is inside her, she can find the perfect location to grind against his pubic bone. She is in charge of the depth, the depth of the pressure, and the amount of friction she experiences. Unbelievable sex is definitely on the menu with this prescription!

Stop and stand up

Jim, an experienced heterosexual guy, adds, “I’m no [pro], but everytime I’ve had sex standing up and holding my partner in the air or up against the wall, it’s been mind-blowing for both of us.” “I think it plays on some of the natural contrasts between the big guy and the petite woman, which heightens the sexual experience. Additionally, it forces us to embrace fully, strengthening both our physical and emotional bond. Although physically challenging and not suitable for all couples, it is strongly advised for those who can.

opening the clit

According to Jaiya, “it’s no wonder that a woman’s clitoris rarely receives enough stimulation during intercourse to catch the ‘O’ train given that it’s buried under the clitoral hood and cushiony mons pubis around it.” But you can fix that with your hands. Point your index and middle fingers in the direction of your feet in the shape of a ‘V’. With a finger on either side of the clitoris, press this “V” into the mons pubis. Pull up while scrubbing the flesh with your hand. This should expose the hard-to-reach clit in all its splendor and bring a lot more attention to this tiny love button.

shoving tush

Jaiya advises, “Reach around with both hands and grab both cheeks if your partner likes having his back door inspected.” From there, you can perform “butt yoga” or “anal yoga” (a method that involves spreading the cheeks apart, then bringing them together, one up, one down, then vice versa) (a technique whereby you place your middle fingers to the sides of the anus, then spread them apart, then diagonally, then up and down). If it whets his appetite, feel free to explore further.

joyful scissors

Jaiya remarks, “Heating up hot places are not just your hands’ abilities. “They’re also adept at moving body parts, and this approach is a great chance to do that. Raise your legs while having sex and ask your partner to grip an ankle in each hand. There are countless alternatives from there, like spreading her legs apart, holding them together, and creating an 80-degree portion. Additionally, as the tendons of the legs swivel within the pelvic cavity, shifting them will somewhat change how you both feel below the belt. How about getting a head start on some variety?

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