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Sex Toy Sommelier: Pairing Romance Novels With Sex Toys for the Ultimate Grown-Up Reading List

Our matchmaking and advising section for sex toys on SheKnows is called Sex Toy Sommelier. Health & Sex Editor Katherine Speller is here to help SheKnows readers level-up their bedside tables, toy chests, and/or DIY sex dungeons with the tools they need to feel deeply satisfied — and give some pro-tips on how introduce some of these new toys. Whether you’re taking your first brave steps into the world of sex toys and sexual health accessories (welcome, it’s fun here!) or an old pro looking to add some new goodies

Reddit is Blaming This New Mom’s MIL for Shaming Her for Making a Living Writing Romance Novels Livid

Write to us at our hotline with your interests, goals, or needs (we’ll keep your correspondence confidential, of course), and we’ll do our best to deliver a selection of toys and sexual health items that suit your preferences. While it’s true that you can’t buy love, you can purchase orgasms, which, to be honest, can sometimes be just as good.

This month, I’m joined by renowned bookseller and lifelong romance reader Nicole Brinkley, who has hand-selected a selection of Romance novel titles that range from sultry and sensual to intensely spicy and slightly ridiculous. I then carefully selected a few toys that I thought best captured the tone of the book. Was this the strangest and toughest test I’ve ever had to take for my Sex Toy Sommelier abilities? Yes. Am I fixated on the outcomes? Yes, also.

Your brain is your most powerful and significant organ when it comes to truly experiencing sexual pleasure, as we like to say around these parts. So why not offer your mind and body a book and a toy that will increase your sense of sensuality? Due to your merit.

Lauren Brinkley

It is a book about mourning, but it also has a really sensual romance. Poston stated that she wrote The Dead Romantics so she could face her grandma afterward, but perhaps her grandmother is more kinky than she realizes. You should try if you think your hot ghost editor is watching you while you [I’m not sure whether there’s a suitable ghost pun for masturbation here].

We-Vibe Nova is a perennial favorite among penetration enthusiasts (it’s among the softest, most opulent-feeling G-spot stimulators I’ve ever had)! And I adore Satisfyer Curvy 3+ if you’re seeking for a suction device that will provide that special clitoral stimulation that resembles oral sex. Both provide methods for pre-programming the parameters that keep you content for hands-free action that will allow you to concentrate fully on imagining.

Satisfyer Curvy 3+

NB: The Accidental Pinup is here if you need a reason to dress up in lingerie so your companion can take beautiful pictures of you. And if your spouse is a former enemy who has fallen in love with you? Why, better still. Photographer Cassie Harris is thrust into the forefront of the most recent Buxom Boudoir photo shoot by her rival, photographer Reid Montgomery, thanks to this plus-sized romance. It turns out that below all of their hostility, they may have had a very strong chemistry.

the Danielle Jackson book The Accidental Pinup

I would also advise you to get yourself a cute set of handcuffs that double as a bracelet — like Crave’s ID and Icon Cuffs or Unbound’s Bangle Handcuff Bracelets — to add to the wearables and capitalize on the power-play/love-to-hate each other dynamic. Both are user-friendly for beginners and shockingly adorable when you just want to wear a basic bracelet. They can also be used as practical handcuffs for light restraint play.

Alexis Hall’s A Lady for a Duke and Wild Flower Enby 2

NB: If you enjoy steamy historical romances, which are my personal favorites, pick out A Lady for A Duke by Alexis Hall. The Duke of Gracewood, Viola Caroll’s former closest friend, is in a profound, brooding state of sadness when she returns to her childhood home after being assumed dead and is living as her genuine self as a trans woman. She is committed to saving him, but it’s impossible to deny the illicit feelings that begin to develop between them. Intimate and steamy, you should pair this with.

A Duchess for a Lady Alexander Hall

NOW ORDER STS: Even though sex toys are never gendered, I love toys that are made for all bodies and are inclusive. As its name suggests, ENBY 2 is made with all bodies and pleasures in mind, giving little regard to the gender binary that people frequently put onto sex and sex toys. With a body-friendly top and a flat underside, it may be held against or rubbed against anyplace you wish to feel pleasure. It can even be inserted between two bodies for a sexual encounter. The adaptability is fantastic for people of various physical types and experience levels, and, suitably enough, it may be used hands-free and conveniently in a cozy reading position. Thank you very much.

Delilah Green Doesn’t Care by LELO Ora and Ashley Herring Blake 3

NB: You know how in every Hallmark film, the heroine comes home to find that perhaps her tiny town wasn’t such an awful place after all? Delilah Green Doesn’t Care is the result of taking the cliché, making it lesbian, and greatly increasing the level of sexiness. Following the reunion of bookstore Claire and tattooed photographer Delilah after a long separation, a sex-driven sapphic romance is shown. Both women are adept at provoking the other even as they cooperate to free Delilah’s stepsister from her horrible fiancé – pun intended.

By Ashley Herring Blake, Delilah Green Doesn’t Care

NOW ORDER STS: Over the years, many vulva owners have asked me for toys that simulate oral sex. I’ve discovered that LELO Ora 3 really aligns with the natural tongue-like sensation some people are searching for without being odd. For anyone seeking a close-to-real experience, this small-but-mighty toy is a great choice because it is quiet and simple to carry.

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