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Sex Toy Sommelier: What Are the Best Postpartum Sex Toys for Busy New Moms?

Our monthly sex toy matchmaking and counseling piece at SheKnows is called Sex Toy Sommelier. Health & Sex Editor Katherine Speller is here to help SheKnows readers level-up their bedside tables, toy chests, and/or DIY sex dungeons with the tools they need to feel deeply satisfied — and give some pro-tips on how introduce some of these new toys. Whether you’re taking your first brave steps into the world of sex toys and sexual health accessories (welcome, it’s fun here!) or an old pro looking to add some new goodies

Postpartum Relationships Are Rather Upbeat

Write to us at our hotline with your interests, goals, or needs (we’ll keep your correspondence confidential, of course), and we’ll do our best to deliver a selection of toys and sexual health items that suit your preferences. While it’s true that you can’t buy love, you can purchase orgasms, which, to be honest, can sometimes be just as good.

As a top parenting lifestyle website, we are familiar with the postpartum period and are aware that it may be a difficult time, one that is filled with joy and transformation (of the mind, body, and spirit), as well as several chances to discover new things about oneself. There are undoubtedly certain changes worth discussing in your sex life after delivering a baby

First off, congratulations! Congratulations on the birth as well as reaching a point where you feel prepared to enjoy and give priority to your “me” time (sexually or otherwise). Being a parent fundamentally alters who you are as a person and can completely restructure the way you go about living your life. However, your needs, wants, and desires are still present and must occasionally be brought to light. You are due that.

It’s a fine goal to embrace your sexual life and spend some time and effort figuring out what pleasure means to you right now. And quite a few people, at all phases of their lives, have expressed the same need for something new and greater, feeling uninspired by their current gadgets and routines.

Activate your brain

Therefore, even though I detest repetition, I am a creature of habit (it’s a Taurus moon thing!) and will frequently advise individuals who are feeling down to check out something that addresses the mental component of the mind/body connection, which brings us to Dipsea.

Dipsea, an audio erotica app, offers some extremely sensuous and captivating stories that will get your most powerful sex organ (your brain) moving in the right manner. It is designed to break free the male-gaze, P in V-centric, performative sexuality that is typically found in erotic materials. Additionally, I’ve discovered from the several times I’ve told others to check out this bad boy that those who are more accustomed to visual stimuli (like porn) find the switch to an audio format to be especially novel and thrilling. With a good pair of headphones and their lack of length or flash, they are also quite easy to accommodate into a busy schedule.

Audio erotica app Dipsea

You have more than a year since your birth, thus there are a variety of stimulating opportunities available to you. There are undoubtedly toys that are more appropriate for resuming those steps into your sex life (if you’re experiencing trouble with penetration or painful orgasms, it’s probably worth it to have a nice chat with your OBGYN about tactics and strategies that will work for you!).

Be kind to yourself.

Not being scared to take your time finding the feelings you appreciate is one of the main things I’d advise. Give yourself some time to warm up and feel things out. Taking it easy and getting to know your body is always a good method to more efficiently meet your needs than simply plugging in the most intense wand vibrator you can find and letting rip.

I adore toys like LELO’s Ora 3 for folks looking for a toy that provides mild, delicate stimulation. It’s ideal for folks who want to build up to some wonderful ends without anything moving too quickly or hard because it has a slow but constant moving component in the middle that feels like oral sex (without being creepy). It’s also genuinely one of the quietest toys I’ve ever played with, which might be useful if you’re wanting to have some discreet “me” time.

3 LELO Ora

Although it can be a bit pricy, this one is strong and made to last, making it a ride-or-die by any bedside. Keep an eye out for summer deals for this bad boy.

Hurray, Clit

The majority of people post-pregnancy are first approved for clitoral stimulation, which is what most women with vaginas need to get off instead of merely penetration. And if you enjoy this type of stimulation but haven’t yet tried out some of the newest suction-style toys in this category, I’m going to strongly advise you to do so.

lazy picture loading

sexaholic Liberty

Many individuals adore them for their stealthiness, discretion, and ability to precisely target the clitoris without overpowering it with buzzing. Womanizer Liberty is a top-notch interpretation of a design that I love and have appreciated in many variations (this app-controlled one is still a favorite!). They also come with the cutest case, which, as we all know, is something that becomes even more crucial when children start running around and snooping through your belongings.

Comfortable and adaptable

Everyone has varied comfort levels with penetrative toys, therefore it is best to prioritize toys that are made to accomplish a variety of things well while also being suitable for various body types. That’s why I adore Unbound’s Bender, a flexible and bendable toy that is ideal for both clitoral and G-spot stimulation, as the name implies.

Bender Vibrator Unbound

No matter what you’re desiring, there’s a good chance you can bend and tweak it to make it exactly right for you. It’s simple to use with a single button that toggles through all ten settings, waterproof, and constructed of body-safe, medical-grade silicone. After all, sex is never a one-size-fits-all experience, especially if you’re trying to show your body and mind some love after giving birth.

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