Shellac Nails Pros And Cons

Manicures are enjoyable, and if you prefer to go above and beyond and acquire patterns instead of simply a solid color, Shellac has definitely been suggested to you. But what exactly is Shellac and how is it unique from other nail polishes? Additionally, a lot of people mix up Shellac with gel nails, which is completely incorrect.

How Do Shellac Nails Work?

A product called Shellac combines the qualities of nail polish with gel. While it’s not quite like getting gel nails, normal nail paint is also not the same. It combines the two. You obtain the strength and gloss of gel nails as a result, but the application process is much simpler. It costs more than regular nail paint, but it lasts longer and doesn’t require drying time because it uses UV/LED lights to cure, just like gel nails.

Application of Shellac

When having Shellac applied to your nails, the first step is to clean the nail with rubbing alcohol or another solution designed to get rid of nail oils. The genuine Shellac nail color is then applied in one or more coats, followed by a beautiful topcoat. You fast dry your nails in a UV/LED lamp between coats, curing the Shellac to a state akin to gel nails.

Are Shellac Nail Treatments Harmful?

It’s not exactly bad for your nails to use Shellac. When applied and removed correctly, it doesn’t hurt your nails any more than regular nail polish does. If you have your manicure performed by a true professional in a nail salon, your nails won’t become more brittle or damaged. Although you can’t actually add length or alter the curve of your nails using Shellac alone, you do need to have healthy nails to begin with, unlike gel or acrylic nails.

How Durable Are Shellac Nails?

On average, Shellac nails last two weeks without chipping or peeling. Additionally, Shellac doesn’t really get damaged by doing laundry or other housework, so you can pretty much guarantee that your nails will look great for two weeks straight. If you’re cautious, it might stay even longer, but if it’s not a nude natural color, your nails will grow out and it will start to look a little odd.

Taking Off Shellac Nails

There are two techniques to remove shellac. To remove Shellac, you can soak cotton pads in acetone and then cover your nails in tinfoil for a few minutes to allow the Shellac to partially dissolve. Or, you might use a specialized nail drill to remove it. Doing this at home is not advised since you risk harming your nails.

Can Anyone Get Shellac?

Having somewhat healthy nails is the only prerequisite for getting Shellac nails. As we’ve already explained, Shellac does not allow you to lengthen your nails. So, if your nails are short, you can paint them with Shellac but not shape them. The rest of the time, anyone can use Shellac.


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