Shoes That Look Good Enough To Eat

I’ll be the first to say that my sweet tooth isn’t particularly strong. Any day of the week, I’ll choose salty over sweet. Cakes don’t make me want to salivate, and I could easily go without any chocolate at all. I won’t say no to a perfectly cut piece of red velvet cake, a piece of cherry pie, or a soft chocolate chip cookie if they are offered to me, but I don’t often have a craving for them. But I must admit that I have a weakness for gorgeous sweets. I can gaze at them through the window of a cafe or bakery for quite some time, and I’ll even consider purchasing one, but then I realize that I’m really more of a savory kind of girl. Therefore, if you’re anything like me and only enjoy the aesthetics of sweets rather than tasting them, or even if you have a sweet tooth, these shoes will make you drool.

The shoe bakery was established in 2013 and specializes in producing footwear and accessories that resemble exquisite confections. They also have shoes that resemble the ultimate sundae of ice cream, such as red velvet cake heels, cinnamon bun flats, and rainbow cake wedges. What more could one ask for? Shoes are available for every whim and situation. Additionally, their designer handbags are wonderful. They resemble enchanted handbags from fairy tales that are covered in cake icing and fashioned of waffles. Recently, they even released what appeared to be a unicorn dessert. It’s just divine, really.

What’s even cooler is that you may get a specially designed dessert shoe to match your birthday cake, wedding cake, or any special occasion in addition to choosing the best dessert shoes ever. Basically, Shoe Bakery allows you to have your cake and wear it too, girls!

1. Do you recognize these? Aren’t they amazing, just amazing? Additionally ideal for Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day.

2. Sundaes of ice cream are everywhere. This is paradise.

3. You can even have your baby’s tiny personalized pair made to match you. What a sweet thing!

4. Are these cinnamon bun shoes realistic? Yumm!

5. Love hearts are adorable for dates or Valentine’s Day.

6. This is actually superior to cake. Over a cake, I’ll take a stack of ice-cream shoes.

7. this footwear are really delicious. It’s challenging to hold back from removing the cherry.

8. My preferred ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip. They are flat, which is what I prefer. We are destined to be together; it is fate.

9. Doesn’t this inspire you to get a pair?

10. Delicious cake bags. You can also discover handbags that coordinate!

11. What adorable flats! Those cherries also appear to be real!

12. Dear Santa, I only want these sneakers for Christmas.

13. Any wedding vibes? Why not make your big day a little more whimsical?

14. I’m telling you, these handbags and shoes are edible.


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