Should Alpha Women Marry Beta Men?

Often, when we imagine a typical man-woman relationship, we picture the male as being the more dominant one. But there are other potential dynamics as well. There are numerous women who are among the world’s most powerful individuals. Many refer to these women as “Alpha women.” These ladies have a strong sense of themselves and are clear about what they want. They typically have a very brash manner, which some men may find scary. Some males, particularly men who are also members of the Alpha gender spectrum, may be put off by the dominant demeanor of Alpha women. The ideal option for an Alpha woman, according to certain studies, is a Beta male.

Others, however, could counter that an Alpha woman is best paired with an Alpha guy. So who makes a good partner for an Alpha woman? Is it someone with a comparable energy level or someone completely different? Continue reading to find out more about whether Alpha women should date or get married to Beta guys.

Women may believe that dating a Beta male is not the best course of action for a variety of reasons. For the same reasons, it would seem that Alpha males complement Alpha women more effectively. Beta males are portrayed as weak in stereotypes, whereas Alpha men are portrayed as strong. It makes obvious that women would like Alpha guys as Beta men are frequently regarded as the lesser of the two. The clichés, however, are outdated and don’t really represent Beta guys in their whole.

Dr. Sonya Rhodes explores the differences between Alpha males and Beta men in her book The Alpha Woman Meets Her Match. She makes the case that Beta guys are excellent choices for Alpha women. According to her, Beta men are less concerned with maintaining power since they “may have less interest in a leadership role than an Alpha would.” She goes on to say that Alpha men and Alpha women are more likely to headbutt each other. According to Rhodes, these two will be in a perpetual struggle for dominance and control, which puts them at risk for breakups and even divorce.

According to her, Beta men are “reliable, responsible, and helpful.” Alpha women, who typically control the show in whatever capacity they serve in life, need this. In contrast to the alternative with Alpha men, having someone who is not actively vying for power but is ready to allow the women be the center of attention and play the supportive role can be a breath of fresh air. Being the breadwinner or adhering to a gender role stereotype is not something that beta guys are especially concerned with. This does not imply that they do not work for a living, but rather that they do not base their value and that of their friends only on how much money they provide to the tabe.

This is not to say that Alpha women and Alpha men do not make compatible partners. There is no one method that works for all daters. There are many Alpha women who adore Alpha guys and probably feel contented in their relationship. However, if an Alpha woman has been dating Alpha men because she subscribes to the notion that they are the only option, Beta men might be the next relationship option she should look at. Finding the right level of energy and dominance for each person is key. Giving Beta men an opportunity to prove themselves as prospective perfect matches, however, can expose Alpha women to a different kind of relationship than they’ve ever experienced.

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