Signs He’s Losing Interest

Even the finest among us have undoubtedly experienced it. You certainly believe that things are progressing and are content in your relationship. Suddenly, the man you’ve labeled “Mr.-Possible-Long-Term-Relationship” starts to distance himself from you. And after being dropped without a word of warning, you wonder how you could have missed the warning signs.

There are a number of unmistakable signs that he is not really into you, but you probably miss them. Every woman should make the decision as to whether or not her relationship will falter. The relationship is doomed the moment you disregard the warning signs that things are not going well with your man! All relationships require maintenance in order to keep the weeds from growing while also nurturing and strengthening the two of you as a couple.

He doesn’t give you enough of his time.

Women frequently encounter situations like these. If you notice that he is constantly at work, it is because he enjoys watching sports, talking with friends, and exercising. Another sign that things aren’t going well in your relationship is if he spends more time online than he does with you.

He never longer calls you

He no longer tries to get in touch with you, which is one of the most obvious signals that he is losing interest. He’s suddenly “too busy” to return your call or text. We are all aware that sending a text only takes a few seconds, whereas making a quick call to say hello can take a few minutes. There is therefore no plausible explanation for his sudden disappearance unless he is actually in distress or has misplaced his phone.

He is spending more time with his buddies.

Naturally, it’s okay for the two of you to occasionally get out with your male or female pals, but pay attention to how frequently your boyfriend hangs out with his buddies. If he spends the most of his time with them, there may be a serious problem between the two of you.

Mood changes

His attitude toward you is changing, and this may be an indication of an internal struggle he is having with his shifting emotions. One second he can appear happy, and the next he might get a bit snippy with you or even grow horribly nasty and out of control. In either case, it’s not promising for your relationship.

His career takes precedence.

Has he started staying up late more frequently? Does he spend the weekends in the office? Even though everyone has a busy week, he will make time for you if he truly cares about you. More explanation is not necessary.

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absence of plans

Men are perceptive beings, and when they are truly interested in you, they will make an effort to meet with you again, go out with you for drinks or a movie, or perhaps arrange a romantic supper. However, if he frequently cancels arrangements and starts to be evasive about “future talk and getting together,” that is an indication that he is drifting away from you.

He no longer exerts any effort

The initial state of affairs has changed. He doesn’t look at you the same, he doesn’t send you those passionate texts every hour, he doesn’t make love to you the way he used to, and he might even be hoping you’ll fall for the trap and end it first. Think about your possibilities.

Naturally, you are not required to abide by these strict, “set-in-cement,” standards. When a man is not interested in a long-term relationship, it is best for you if he moves on so that you can continue seeking for Mr. Ideal. As long as you yearn to be found, That Perfect Man of Your Dreams is actually looking for you.