Simple Guide To Highlight Your Face

Every lady is familiar with the three basic components of makeup: finishing powder, blush, and translucent foundation. But this list lately gained a new innovative item. Meet the brilliant invention of the twenty-first century that assists you whether you’re looking for that effortless, casual style that makes you stand out or… perhaps you’re looking for that glam, gala party look that speaks of ultimate beauty – the catwalk, the Academy Award Red Carpet! You will appear entirely different if you use this cosmetic product, believe it or not. It will give your skin an appealing shine, brighten your eyes, and give you your face the necessary amount of dewiness and freshness.

The best technique to sculpt ideal cheekbones and slim your nose is by using highlighter. The main objective of utilizing this beauty product is to get that dewy, reflecting look as though you just hydrated your skin.

You must be aware of a straightforward trick in order to select the proper highlighter. Try applying a small amount to the back of your hand to see if the cream leaves your skin feeling somewhat more shiny. If it does, you’ve done it correctly; but, if you appear glitter-covered or somewhat pasty, just try again and go lighter this time! The next thing you should remember is how to apply pearl particles correctly while you are at the cosmetics counter. Apply the proper quantity and size of particles, then check to see if you have the desired effect of a bright sun on your skin by shining a bright light on the place where you applied the particles on your hand. The smaller the particles, the better the benefits and the more radiant your skin will be.

With all the wonderful goods you’ve bought, your cosmetic bag is beginning to overflow. It’s time to learn some excellent application methods for these wonderful goods so you can get the very best outcomes. You’re lucky! Here is a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to contour your face and accentuate all of your outstanding features, such as your eyes and cheekbones, while concealing or enhancing any features you may consider to be flaws in your appearance, such as a nose. It might be as simple as using a highlighter, one of the numerous straightforward, user-friendly goods you’ve bought!



You can use a finger, a foundation brush, a cosmetic sponge, or, if it comes in stick form, just use the highlighter stick to draw in the indicated places.

Application of Highlighter


It should mostly be applied to the cheekbones, eyes, and Cupid’s bow.

Face form


It’s crucial to understand your face shape. Knowing this will help you highlight the right lines for the best outcomes. There are numerous online tests you can do to determine your face shape, but it’s best to ask one of the department store makeup specialists to make sure you’re on the right track.

After reading these fundamental guidelines, grab your highlighter and begin to use it as directed.


Step 1: Establishing
To produce a smooth surface for the subsequent steps in makeup, use your go-to foundation. The idea is to have a fantastic “base skin” that is as close to perfect as possible BEFORE using any extra treatments. After using the foundation, your skin should be flawless, silky, and slick. At this point in the procedure, try your best.

Use a foundation that is one or two shades lighter than the one you typically use after applying your regular makeup foundation. Apply a little amount of highlighter with a brush to the top of your cheekbones (without going overboard), then around the outside of your nose. Be sure to apply it consistently on both sides of your face.

Step 2: Highlighting and Contouring
Cover the features you wish to draw attention to. To draw attention to the center of your face, lightly brush highlighter down the bridge of your nose. To make your lips bigger and more passionate, add a bit to the cupid’s bow region directly above them. Use a bronzer to cover up dark circles under your eyes, and then combine it with a shimmering product to give your cheeks a soft blush. A drop of highlighter can be applied to the middle of your forehead to achieve a completely sun-kissed appearance. Wow! How fascinating to witness the change!

Step 3 Makeup Review
Now take a peek at the mirror and notice. In case you can’t spot any defects take a step back and…enjoy your newly- contoured face, beautifully glistening and passionately gleamy and aglow .

Now you’re ready to start a new day looking extremely stunning and in a perfectly good frame of mind. It’s your day whether it’s about work or headed off to a white-tie event in the evening or a crazy-rocking party. Be confident and enjoy your lovely look!


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