Simple Tutorial On How To Get Gradient Lips

Gradient lips are currently one of the most well-liked beauty trends among global fashionistas. You should absolutely give it a try this summer because it looks lovely and really sunny! Here is a quick tutorial on how to achieve the ideal gradient lips.

You’ll require

a cosmetic sponge
lipstick brush
the concellar
an eye pencil
a lip balm or lipstick
lip balm

Simple Guide to Getting Gradient Lips

1. Apply some concellar to a sponge first, then gently dab it onto your lips. By doing this, you will dull the color of your lips naturally and lay the groundwork for a flawless gradient look. Naked lipstick is also acceptable here.

2. Apply lipstick to your lips’ inside with a brush. The most popular hue for gradient lips is pink, although other options include purple, deep red, and even orange.

3. After that, using a lip brush or just your finger, gradually remove the lipstick.

4. To slightly transfer the lipstick to the top, firmly press your lips together. Here, exercise caution to prevent losing a powerful effect.

5. Add a transparent gloss.

6. Tada! After carefully correcting any flaws in the mirror, look at yourself. You’re done now!

Tip 1: To re-create the gradient look if you accidentally overdid it and your lips lost it, put concealer to your sponge again and softly dab it on the outer side of your lips.

Tip 2: You can use a lip pencil if you’re having problems applying lipstick. It’s a lot simpler to control. All you need to do is precisely place the pencil color where you want it, followed by a clear gloss to soften and mix the color.

As you can see, gradient lips are really easy to create, but the end result is quite gorgeous! Pink seems so gentle and innocent, but it allows you to use such vibrant colors as purple or orange without being overdone. Additionally, you can wear it daily or save it for special occasions.


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