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Spooning is the Cozy, Comforting Sex Position You Need to Try During Taurus Season

In the field of astrology, it is often noted for luxuriating. In issues of love, sex, work and leisure, Taureans have strict tastes and prefer comfort to labor — read: working smarter and not harder —when it comes to attaining what they want.

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After all, you spent all of Aries season coming into your power, so now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor(s) and really simply bathe in them. That’s why, for our Taurus season zodiac sex tip, we’re encouraging you to embrace each other (literally) by embracing spooning.

(As we mention every month, you can find out about your specific horoscope and birth chart information — particularly when it comes to love and sex— by looking at your own placements. Your Sun, Moon, Rising, Mars and Venus are an excellent place to start. We totally recommend taking a full reading with an astrologer at least once for the entire experience and maximizing your star-powered knowledge. Getting your chart read by a pro and hearing their insights can be such a great experience and I can’t recommend it enough!)

If you want to know why we chose spooning for sexy vibes, that’s easy — it’s a tactile, highly intimate position (no social distancing when you’re mimicking cutlery) that is all about being nice. Perfect for sleepy mornings or lazy nights where you can take a little extra time together and works wonderfully well with your coziest blankets .however, your favorite candles and whatever else you need to feel sensuous and present in your body with your spouse. its season reminds us that all of those good things in our lives are meant to be cherished.


“It is an old-fashioned type when it comes to love, a complex combo of roughness and tenderness. To the outside world, you may appear fully composed, but inside, you’re a hopeless romantic longing for that ‘love of a lifetime,’” as the Astro Twins wrote of it lovers. Once you’re in, you’re in. Predictability may weary some, but for you, it merely provides a canvas on which you construct a gorgeous twosome.”

A good spooning position includes flexibility for modifications — trusting that its-ability to sense what feels nice and elevate it. But you may entirely modify how you hold one another to make place for power and softness, for rapid and delicious thrusts or sustaining.  All the things that let you and your partner(s) feel fantastic while also feeling close and intimate.

And, ultimately, it’s a strong, reliable move that allows you and your spouse to acquire what you’re desiring and truly take the time to enjoy it and one other. What’s more than that?

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