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Star Wars, Superheroes & Other Pop Culture Sex Toys To Keep You Entertained

Rule 34 of the Internet declares that “if it exists, there is porn of it.” It will if it does not already exist. Similar to that, if it does, someone might be motivated to create a sexual item based on it.

You are not alone if you’ve ever fantasized about wielding Jon Snow’s sword, making out with a Doctor Who villain, or living out your most intense 50 Shades of Grey scenario. In reality, sex toy producers are working hard to provide novel and adorably on-brand sex toys that parody your favorite pop culture moments, including your favorite Marvel characters, sci-fi classics, and perhaps even a few anime. Naturally, many of these toys are funny parodies that slyly poke fun at the films and television shows they’re meant to represent. But part of what we like about them is that.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite toys, many of which are produced by Geeky Sex Toys since they excel at what they do. These draw from pop culture in an effort to encourage you to add a little extra humor and geekery to your toy collection.

There are several options for Jedi masters and those who adore them, just in time for Star Wars Day.

However, we must warn you that some incredibly awful NSFW puns are coming. They are wonderful, but they will make you sigh deeply. So, beware, reader.

nerdy sex objects R2-V2

A girl’s best buddy is a droid.

Toy Laser Sword Impact

This Star Wars-themed impact toy (there’s a flogger too!) lets you use your own lightsaber for some sexy impact play. It’s an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

R2-V2: Pop Culture Sex
nerdy sex objects Space Station Joke

Nobody can hear your screams in outer space. (Sorry, I kid!)

Look at this BDSM item with a death star theme that you may covertly include into your overall nerdy decor. This is a worthy addition to the rest of your gear thanks to the faux leather and body-safe silicone; just play responsibly!

Geeky Sex Toys Darth Vibrator

Who’s your dad? Geeky Sex Toys Darth Vibrator This Darth Vader-inspired wand is ideal for anyone looking to connect with their dark side.

nerdy sex objects Moans: Long Shaft Game

It’s hardly surprising to see a Game of Thrones parody on our list because it has one of the objectively horniest TV shows (up there with Outlander). The Long Shaft sword is not a Long Claw, but it is a wolfish take on a toy sword that offers great control and a long reach.

Pokemoan Dildos are geeky sex toys.

Must capture them all! Sex toy collectors rejoice—thanks to Geeky Sex Toys’ Pokemoan line, you now own a dildo inspired by each of the original starter pokemon. There’s Piky, an anal plug with electric-inspired features, Charmy, a thin, flame-shaped dildo, Squirty, a water type, and Bulby, a grass kind with a huge seed-shaped tip. Each is adorable and together they make an amazingly nerdy toy box.

Greedy Girl in Fifty Shades of Grey Rabbit

Another 50 Shades novel This G-spot rabbit toy from their official enjoyment collection will have you saying, “Holy crap,” with its two motors and 15 settings. This one won’t make you roll your eyes.

nerdy sex objects Dildoda

Give your child nightmares with this toy. Whether or not you’re visiting the Dagobah system, the Dildoda is a fairly faithful (if generous) homage to the green Jedi Master puppet.

nerdy sex objects Dildek

The Dildek is a suction cup dildo that its creators describe as “an emotionless robot dong was built for one reason, and one reason only: Pleasure.” While a monomoniacal, genocidal species from a decades-old science fiction show might not be the first thing to come to mind when thinking of the ideal sex toy. Masturbating is encouraged.

nerdy sex objects Dick Pool Bonding Tool

This whole set of restraints, ropes, a ball gag, and a flogger is suitable for an anti-hero and suitable for both experienced and novice bondage performers. Embrace your bratty side and channel Deadpool for a night of good, clean, pre-arranged kink.

Futuristic Sex Toys Bat Plug

This body-safe silicone Bat Plug is the perfect accessory for your bat cave (butt cave? Let your partner see your bat signal when you pair it with your preferred toy-safe lube.

Panty Vibrator from Fifty Shades of Grey

This official Fifty Shades of Grey panty vibe enables one partner take charge if you’re looking to bring some naughty power-play into your couple’s dynamic. You may add extra satisfaction to exhibitionism (pre-negotiated, of course), whether you’re in a playroom or out on the town.


This legendary dildo, modeled after the God of Thunder’s own favorite toy, is only liftable by the most deserving. There will be tremendous orgasms as a result of this.

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