Style Check: Kendall Jenner Vs Emily Ratajkowski

While Kylie Jenner is busy becoming Kim, it appears that Kendal has found inspiration in a non-Kardashian. Many of her admirers have noticed how Emily Ratajkowsky, an actress and model, and she seem to have very similar styles. They already have similar physical characteristics, but it’s getting more difficult to distinguish them due to their similar fashion sense. Look at a few of their ensembles that we believe are nearly identical, and you decide. Who, in your opinion, wore it better?

1. Emily is dressed in a denim skirt, a tiny yet precious crop top, and some sneakers. A similar denim skirt, black top, and sparkling black shoes are all that Kendall is sporting.

2. These two yellow outfits look so much alike. The straps are somewhat wide on each of them, as are the colour, shape, cut, and neckline. Except Kendall is sporting it with elegant sandals and a white handbag while Emily choose to wear it with sneakers while walking her dog. In essence, it’s casual vs. glitzy.

3. White summer dresses are really popular right now, so we can see how both of them would enjoy this trend, but those do look identical. However, as you can see, Kendall is wearing pointed white boots while Emily continues to dress effortlessly and casually with sneakers.

4. With the exception of the colours, both girls are essentially wearing the identical polka dot outfit. Kendall chose a white dress with black polka dots, while Emily opted for a dark outfit with white polka dots. And they both chose a pair of black sunglasses.

5. In this instance, both Emily and Kendall wore polka-dot clothing, but they chose silk this time with a larger pattern to make it more glam for the occasions they were attending.

6. Are you beginning to see what we mean when we say that they are clothing similarly? This really is the same outfit. a white shirt with no straps and wide-leg pants to match.

7. Red dresses with off-the-shoulder necklines look great on them both. The dress’s length and the fact that Emily decided to accessorise with a belt while Kendall did not are the main differences. Meanwhile, Kendall made the decision to match her lipstick to her outfit, while Emily chose for a nude lip.

8. The girls are wearing what appear to be black jumpsuits and are wearing lipstick in the other direction. Both of these outfits include a v-neck and even more cuts on the sides.

9. They are essentially wearing the same garment, but they are styling it differently in this famous instance of the phenomenon. Both are dressed in khaki slacks and a leather jacket, but Kendall, as usual, is trying for a more glam image, while Emily’s clothing is more relaxed and casual.

10. Guys, this is becoming absurd. They are even wearing the same spectacles. And what about the fact that they’re both donning a brown jacket that appears to be made of suede? Additionally, they were both photographed outside in a cafe. Possibly a coincidence, then.

11. All-black attire with a deep v-neck and a waist-cinching belt We’re not saying it’s a particularly distinctive style, but you have to acknowledge that after all the prior images, they are essentially beginning to resemble one another.

12. Anyone like to wear white tops and beige suits? And the standard casual versus glam scenario. Does Kendall simply never leave the house for any kind of leisurely outings? Does she dress up to walk a dog as well as attend glamorous events?

13. With their black blazers, these gals seem serious. But Kendall is dressed to impress while Emily is choosing business casual. Both decided to accessorise with a stylish pair of sunglasses.

14. They are literally wearing the identical item as one another. They were both modelling for a fashion show, Psyche. But could you even distinguish them from a distance? You couldn’t, we bet.

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