Stylish Haircuts And Hairdos For Long Hair

Although hairstyles are constantly evolving, healthy hair is always in style. While the notion that long hair always looks attractive is still widely held, this is not necessarily the truth. Even if your hair reaches your waist, it won’t look beautiful if it is thin, damaged, and fragile. Hair that is thick, healthy, and shining is the most attractive. It’s usually preferable to take care of your hair’s health first; only after you’ve got it under control should you try to grow it out long. However, if you already have long, healthy hair, these hairstyles are extremely popular.


Your hair can be given more volume, movement, and bounce by adding layers. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that layers today are designed to look carefree and give you that windswept appearance as if you had just returned from a walk in the forest and your hair happened to fall this way by accident. Avoid layers that are too symmetrical and flawless; you don’t want to have that odd, out-of-date 80s style that makes you look like a crazy doll.


We can understand why the shag hairstyle is making a comeback. The several layers give you a lot of volume. For individuals who prefer a shaggy, rocker appearance that requires no grooming, this haircut is fantastic. One of those “I woke up like this” haircuts, it still looks beautiful even if you slept in and didn’t have time to style your hair. But once more, it’s crucial to use a contemporary approach and avoid cutting the layers too short. In order to avoid having ragged tails at the base of the skull and a very top-heavy appearance, you require a considerable amount of length.

the 1970s

The 1970s are making a comeback in terms of design; you’ve undoubtedly already seen a ton of fashion bloggers adopt this look, and now that quad rollerblading is back in trend, many of them enjoy dressing up in the 70s. When you visit the hair salon, be explicit about the 70s hairstyles you want. Instead of the pageboy haircut that almost looks like a grown-out bowl cut, you want bangs like Jane Birkin or Joni Mitchell had.

People with Wild Curls

Curly hair have essentially struck it rich. At this point, kids don’t even need to do anything with their wild, unruly curls. Simply moisturize your hair to maintain it healthy; if not, let it roam free in the breeze. We don’t anticipate the curly hair trend going out of style anytime soon. There’s a good reason why everyone loves the curly girl approach. Look it up and give it a try; you might find that you have texture in your hair as well that you were unaware of.

Shiny and Sleek

Long, smooth hair will never truly go out of style, but make sure it’s healthy first. However, if you want to shorten it, do it all at once. Avoid doing that strange thing where you only cut it in half. And for the love of God, put those strange asymmetrical hairstyles aside. It’s time to let them stay in the past where they belong.

Finally, keep in mind that the best hairstyles are the ones that appear to be effortless. Today, you don’t want to appear as though you spent hours styling your hair in intricate, twisted updos. The easiest method to do that is to maintain healthy hair and acquire a simple haircut that requires little work on your part to style.