The 8 Tastiest Ukrainian Dishes

Ukrainian cuisine is distinct, diverse, and also highly particular. When visiting Ukraine, you should definitely taste some Ukrainian cuisine if you haven’t before. Everybody can enjoy a traditional dish. You’re sure to find a new favorite meal in Ukrainian cuisine, including hearty dishes for carnivores, classic vegetarian and vegan dishes that are frequently accessible throughout lent, and finger-licking-good sweet cakes and desserts.

1.  Borshch

If you’ve ever heard of Ukrainian cuisine, this is likely the dish that is mentioned first. The basic version typically contains beef, but there are versions with other types of meat and a vegetarian form that is frequently served during Lent. It is a tasty beetroot-based soup that also contains other vegetables including cabbage and potatoes. Additionally, pampushky, which resembles a savory garlic bread bun, is frequently served with borsch.


Varenyky are dumplings from Ukraine. This dish can be made in a variety of ways, both sweet and savory. The similar dish known as pierogi may also be one that you are familiar with. A mashed potato filling is used to make the most traditional varenyky, which are then boiled and served with sour cream. The most widely consumed sweet versions of varenyky are those made with cherries, apples, or blueberries. Other common types of varenyky include those made with cottage cheese and cabbage filling. Instead of sour cream, honey is typically drizzled over sweet varenyky when served.

3. Deruny

Deruny are savory pancakes made with eggs, onions, and grated potatoes. In essence, they are hashbrowns, but so much tastier and flavorful. Although there are numerous more popular ways to prepare deruny across the nation, the traditional version is made only with potatoes. To give the potato mixture flavor, people frequently add parsley, dill, and sometimes mushrooms.

4. Holubtsi

Holubtsi is a well-known traditional Ukrainian meal that is not only offered during the holiday season but is also frequently consumed. Although you may prepare these at any time, the winter season is when they are most in demand. In essence, they are cabbage rolls filled with rice and meat. However, during Lent they are made without meat and have a rice, carrot, and onion filling.

5. Kholodets

One of the more peculiar foods that outsiders could meet is kholodets. It can be produced using a variety of meats. Although it can also be cooked with veal or pork, chicken or more particularly rooster is the most typical ingredient. The plan is to simmer the beef in a broth made of bones, onion, carrot bits, and seasonings. Then the meat is taken out of the bones, put in a bowl with some boiled carrot slices, and covered with broth. The bowl is then placed in a cool area—not one that is below freezing—where the soup cools and turns into jelly. The best location to try kholodets is in Ukraine if you’ve never had anything like it.

6. Banosh

A meal unique to the westernmost region of Ukraine is called banosh. It is a type of cornmeal porridge that is always served with sheep’s milk cheese and chunks of bacon and is prepared without the use of water but rather milk or cream. A large cauldron and an open flame outside are required to cook traditional banosh, which is only stirred occasionally with a wooden spoon. Every family has their own preferred banosh recipe, which they always take great pride in and defend closely because they think it’s the best.

7. Paska

Moving quickly to desserts, Paska is a unique sweet bread that is typically cooked for Easter. It is tender and sweet, and it is frequently exquisitely adorned with nuts, dried fruit, and a sugar glaze. Because it is only available at Easter, people anticipate Easter all year long in order to enjoy as much Paska as possible before it sells out.

8. Lviv Syrnyk

Cheesecake known as Lviv Syrnyk first appeared in the western Ukraine. It is made of fatty cottage cheese and has chocolate on top. We heartily encourage you to sample Lviv Syrnyk if you consider yourself a cheesecake connoisseur. It is unlike any other cheesecake you’ve ever had in that it is light, delicious, healthy, and nutrient-dense.


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