The Amazing IG Artist Turning Natural Hair Into Cosmic Works Of Art

Social media may mislead users. You notice one gorgeous, staged, and heavily tinted photo that was most likely the a thousandth selfie taken. It’s a distorted representation of reality, and a lot of the time, the real world is considerably more entertaining than trying to seem flawless on Instagram. Here are some problems in life that are much more relatable than the accounts of thin, tanned travel bloggers.

From talks in the media to conversations inside our homes, the subject of natural hair is divisive. and Some people find a Black woman’s hair to be frightening, while others are in awe of its beauty (as it should be.)

Despite the widespread cultural appropriation of hairstyles in the media today, black women still experience shame and discrimination for wearing natural hairstyles. anything So one artist has made the conscious decision to urge women to embrace their gorgeous locks and shift the debate for the better.

The latter includes the artist Pierre Jean-Louis. By adding airy cosmic realms and flower arrangements, he enhances the beauty of his faultless muses, who already have magnificent manes. also, It raises the allure of natural hair to a higher plane.

The television show is appropriately titled “Black Girl Magic.” similarly,  putting black women into these heavenly settings, the word magic has been linked to black magic and its terrible implications as well as to the amazing beauty that surrounds black women.

It also helps that every single one of these women is a goddess in her own right, which makes us all incredibly envious of them. But they can also assist us in overcoming challenges with self-esteem. Jean-Louis says: “I was shocked to see how many black women are now letting go of their insecurities and embracing themselves for who they are.”

This collection stimulates a social commentary, requiring us to confront our thoughts on natural hair, whatever they may be, and either learn to accept our own in it’s unruly grandeur, or respect and admire natural hair.

Jean-Louis refers to his subjects and other black ladies comparable to them as “beautiful black queens”, and claims that he believes Mother Nature is black, which provides us new insight into his stunning works.

And wow, are they lovely queens. Most of his subjects are discovered on Instagram, and one of them is popular Toronto-based model, @kirathelight \sthe-amazing-ig-artist-turning-natural-hair-into

And this freckled stunner, @joyjah, whose hair morphs into peaks of beautiful green fern trees that cluster softly on her shoulders and fall over one eye, bursting against her unusual face. Perfection.

I mean, look at this curly girl is serving up serious cosmic fierceness with her star and milky way studded, galaxy-colored afro, inviting all natural girls to unite in their natural condition.


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