The Best Bangs For Your Face Shape

Bangs are a very contentious subject. On the one hand, they may dramatically change your appearance and add intrigue and sophistication to your haircut when done correctly. They are also cool and unique. Bangs, on the other side, also have a poor rep as something you obtain when you’re going through difficult times or experiencing a crisis. There are far too many videos of people cutting their own bangs, and they are frequently presented as mistakes or hasty decisions that the wearer would regret for months while waiting for the bangs to grow out. That need not be the case, though, if you have them done by a professional and choose bangs that are appropriate for your face shape. So let’s examine the ideal bangs for each face shape.

Face With A Heart

Heart-shaped faces typically have a larger forehead, beautiful cheekbones, and a petite, occasionally pointed chin at the top of the face. If you want to level out the curve of your face and make it appear more oval, the long, feathery bangs with shorter bangs in the middle that were popular in the 1970s are a perfect alternative. As an alternative, you might also choose baby bangs (not to be mistaken for micro bangs). Baby bangs are often thinner, more feathery, and shorter than regular bangs.

Square Face

It’s a common misconception that bangs should be avoided by those with round faces. People believe that because round faces are naturally petite, adding bangs will only make them appear smaller and chubbier. That is completely absurd. For people with round faces, side bangs are fantastic since they visually lengthen the face. Blunt micro bangs are also a smart choice because they are brief enough to avoid making your face look compressed yet cool enough to stand out and give you that edgy appearance.

Round Face

Long layered bangs that will soften the angles of your face are perfect if you have a square or rectangular face. A-shaped bangs are another style of bang that complements this facial shape effectively. As you might expect, they are longer on the sides and rise at an inclination, with the centre, over your nose, being the shortest part. A-shaped bangs are a terrific method to maintain your jaw’s awesome angular shape while giving your forehead a little smaller appearance.

Round Face

Pretty much any sort of bang looks good on an oval face. In terms of face forms, you’ve essentially struck it rich. The majority of haircuts and bang styles look fantastic on you. You can wear blunt bangs and still look nice, but if you soften them and make them medium length, not quite over your brows but just at the correct height where the bangs skim the eyebrows, that’s a winning combo.

Lengthy Face

Bangs should be long on long faces. Anything short and harsh will just serve to emphasize the long face’s natural form. If you want to visually make your face look smaller and get that cute look, you might want to go for long, grown-out bangs that are feathered and run past your eyebrows. This isn’t necessary a bag thing. A nice alternative is to choose angled side bangs, which will visually form a diagonal across your face and direct the majority of attention to the middle of your face, which is what we all really desire.


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