The Best Looks Of Audrey Hepburn

In addition to being a gifted and well-known actor, Audrey Hepburn is a style icon. This woman can carry off any style, whether it’s a large, glitzy outfit, a stylish little black dress, or a straightforward shirt and cigarette pants. And everything she wears exudes style. Is it due of her exquisite sense of style? Alternatively, perhaps it’s just the way she carries herself, her attractiveness, or her charming attitude that gives the impression that everything she wears is on-point. It’s difficult to determine if Audrey’s appeal stems from a single factor or from a combination of factors, but one thing is for certain: Audrey always looks very fashionable. So let’s take a trip down memory lane and recall some of her most beautiful appearances.

1. Audrey once wore this outfit to the Oscars in 1954, the year she won her first Oscar. For her part in the motion picture Roman Holiday. Why is it a classic? But look at that stunning, exquisite white dress with the lace accents.

2. Audrey wore a number of Givenchy gowns while filming, as well as at premieres of films and other occasions. This ruby dress was undoubtedly very extravagant. You could argue she dressed to impress, but given that she wore it to the Lifetime Achievement Awards, which celebrated Givenchy’s contributions, it makes sense.

3. This photo shows Audrey accepting a Golden Globe in 1990 for her Outstanding Contributions to the Entertainment Industry. For that sort of occasion and that kind of award, a chic cream dress is ideal.

4. Audrey Hepburn wore this exquisite gown at the Oscars when she was nominated for her performance in Sabrine. She was really stunning and fashionable in it. It nicely highlighted her lovely ballerina figure.

5. Audrey Hepburn donned a yellow and orange dress with floral motifs on the set of Funny Face, which is not exactly what you would expect her to wear. However, she made that clothing seem incredibly swoon-worthy. Givenchy would never create a dress that was anything other than stunning.

6. Audrey frequently wore modest but form-fitting dresses. She would flaunt her small waist and slender shoulders, but you hardly ever see her wearing dresses with slits or deep V-necklines. Thus, Audrey is wearing a dress that truly looks pretty strange because it reveals a tiny triangle of her midriff.

7. Audrey evolved and matured with her, without a doubt. With its vibrant green skirt and black and gold bodice accents, this is a dress she donned to a charity event in the early 1990s.

8. Audrey is a wonderful example of a woman who grew older gracefully. Even in her older years, she still looked amazing in a dress with open shoulders and a bodice that hugged her waist like a second skin. It appears like she always kept the same size. Additionally, the pink skirt adds a whimsical touch to this, which is very Audrey.

9. Audrey wore this stunning dress in Love in the Afternoon. Even now, despite its straightforward appearance, it would not seem out of place. How did they manage to design something so classic?

10. She wore this pink Givenchy dress in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Many recall the moment from the film where she is shown wearing a black dress while eating breakfast in front of a jewellery store, but few recall that she afterwards donned a much more famous pink dress.

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