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The Best Relationship & Dating Podcasts To Listen To — Whether You’re Single or Partnered

Nobody wants to talk about what it’s really like to discover love or what it’s really like once you do. Everyone wants to be in love. Love isn’t just couch cuddling and fairy tales—it can also involve small fights, existential crises, heartbreak, or even finding a new spouse. Building a partnership requires serious effort.

Current Love

You’ll enjoy the Modern Love podcast if you enjoy the corresponding New York Times column on how people fall in love and don’t. They are the columns you adore with voices you are familiar with.

A Plant Is Like Love

The central topic of Love Is Like a Plant, a podcast on dating, loneliness, love, breakups, and making it work, is how can we make love flourish. Even though its final episode aired in 2020, it’s an excellent one to watch again at any stage of a relationship.

Doing Podcast

The I Do Podcast covers all of the issues that a married couple, or any couple in a committed relationship, may have, including how to become more intimate, how to deal with stress, how to handle the holidays, and how to deal with infidelity.


Ever wished you could convince individuals to be open and honest about their relationship’s problems? The podcast for you is Honey. Actress and author Julia Meltzer asks couples whether their most recent disagreement was intense, awkward, or embarrassing. When things are tough, it’s a terrific way to feel less isolated.


The married hosts of the humorous podcast #SorryNotSorry play games, talk about trivial and uninteresting subjects, and do it with a great deal of respect for one another. It will motivate you to work toward a nicer, more enjoyable marriage.

With Anna Faris, unqualified

With Unqualified, Anna Faris does an amazing job of getting celebrities to open up about their personal relationship ups and downs and provide some wisdom advise to listeners in need while also keeping it fun and lighthearted. It might sound unusual to get love advice from a celebrity.

What Should Be Our First Step? with Esther Perel

Where Should We Begin? could be a breakthrough if you’ve ever thought about couples counselling but held off. Most people are familiar with Esther Perel from her contentious TED lectures about adultery. In each episode of this podcast, Perel helps the couple work through a problem during a single couples therapy session.

Dr. Chris Donaghue is a featured guest on Loveline with Amber Rose.

Amber Rose also hosts a talk show, and she co-hosts a weekly podcast with Dr. Chris Donaghue where they respond to questions from listeners about men, women, sex, feminism, and love.

The Body

The Heart is an experience rather than just a podcast. Every episode features “immersive performances and sound design that [make] you feel like you’ve strolled into a fantastic dream realm,” according to the hosts. The broad collection of people who contributed the stories about love, identity, and sexuality were mentored by the all-queer staff working behind the scenes.

Hi Sugars

Dear Sugars is a podcast on “how to live your life,” not just about relationships. The Sugars read letters from people in all kinds of crises, including whether to get married or divorced and what it’s like to cheat — and be cheated on. They did this with the same compassion as the original advice column.

At Acme, we met.

We Met at Acme takes a lighthearted and self-aware attitude to sex, relationships, and finding a mate who will work for you. It focuses more on the dating side than the relationship side. Along with discussing how technology and applications have altered romance, astrology is thrown in for good measure.

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