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The Best Sex Positions for Short Women

Have you ever heard the phrase “we’re all the same height in bed” and immediately yelled it was nonsense? Do you have a spouse who is neck-craningly taller or adorable shorter than you? Height disparities might present a minor challenge in the bedroom, especially if you and your partner are playing at a greater physical distance. But let’s be honest, when have you seen a short girl let her height to hinder her?

You might not always feel the love for positions where you’re standing or performing some flamingo maneuvers with a view of your partner’s chest and little else, and you might never feel the love for penetrational sex positions in cramped environments like showers or cars (never say never — but it’ll require gumption and creativity to keep everyone satisfied). However, one of the most enjoyable aspects of trying out different poses with your partner is experimenting and identifying the ones that best suit your individual bodies, emotions, and preferences.

There are several sex positions that make the most of your short and lovely physique when your spouse is blessed vertically in ways that you are simply not. Here are a couple of our picks for the greatest sex positions for short women:

You Want To Be The Best?

In this house, we place a lot of emphasis on going full Lady Godiva when the mood strikes. First and foremost, riding is enjoyable, and adopting a top-side stance is a terrific way to get around height restrictions and give a shorter partner some control and power. The essentials are: have your penetrative partner lay back (or settle into a chair), climb onboard while straddling their penis or other penetrative equipment, and enjoy. There are many different methods to carry this out depending on the view you or your partner wants.

You can manage the depth of penetration while also keeping an eye on additional erogenous zones that are nearby as you move. Carry on!

changed positions for sex
5 Simple Ways to Change Your Favorite Sex Positions
Accept Every Surface

Whatever surfaces you have available, such as tall beds, tables, stair landings, extremely comfy porch furniture, etc., can be excellent solutions to level the playing field when there are significant height disparities.

The idea is to have the partner who is being penetrated stand with easy access to all the fun regions, while the partner who is being penetrated can relax comfortably with their hands free for further DJ-McClittles action or toys.

You’re in a fantastic position for purposeful thrusting and grinding when you’re in a strong power stance.

Small Spoon

In the discussion about sexual positions, it’s difficult to avoid running into someone who is gushing about the spooning position. This MVP has it all: closeness, comfort, control, the ability to alternately be really lethargic, exquisite neck kisses, and G-spot stimulation while freeing your hands for other tasks. It should come as no surprise that partners of various heights, physiques, and sizes prefer it.

To have the penetrative partner enter from behind, simply lay on your side, slotted together like the adorable little cutlery pair that you are. The way your legs are bent will also affect how far the penetration goes.


Have you heard of the sex wedge, your bedroom’s savior? Although it appears to be a terrible body pillow your mother bought you from Linens and Things, it is actually a very understated tool for getting into all kinds of postures while providing incredibly comfortable support. Use it to gain easier entry and access or to obtain a pleasing new aspect or perspective without exerting any effort.

This gives a partner the ability to tilt their hips up while lying back for deeper penetration, and for shorter persons, it gives them a few extra blessed inches to make doggie more approachable. It’s a fantastic tool for enhancing your creativity while using the physical capabilities of you and your partner.

Adam and Eve/Liberator
Combination Liberator Ramp & Wedge

BUY NOW (This one from Liberator is a favorite, combining their wedge and ramp for twice the fun.)

The lotus posture looks much more contorted than it actually is, yet it is still incredibly cuddly. If you want plenty of space for kissing, playing with each other’s hair, or just feeling each other out. If you want to look lovingly into your partner’s eyes (and not their chest, neck, or knees).

Find a comfortable pace and simply straddle the penetrating partner, wrapping your arms and legs over them like a seductive little koala. You may always adjust by squatting over your spouse and leaning your arms on a wall or headboard to add a little more force.

There are innovative and fun ways for partners of all shapes and sizes to have fun in the bedroom together. Finding the correct moves might just require a little erotic imagination, but who are we kidding? The finest part is occasionally the discovery.

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