The Cakes This Russian Chef Designs Are True Masterpieces

This Instagram is ready to take your cake artistry wisdom to the next level, and also make you feel extremely horrible about your poorly attempted Pinterest-baked delicacies.

There’s always some new dessert fad on Instagram. But Elena Gnut really raises the skill of baking into… well, actual art.

She transforms baked items into wonderful pop culture and fairy references, and blends them into the most delightful desserts imaginable, like this casual piece of Batman laying back and reading a book.

Some of them aren’t pop culture works of art, but they are really cool and would make a stunning bachelorette or birthday cake. She’s not only brilliant at painting, but the jagged edges against the round surface disk is so imaginative as well.

Or she simply recreates works of art, like this magnificent black-and-white tableau of cherubic angels in the sky. Now this might legitimately be a wedding cake. Are those actual flowers or did she manufacture them with her magical hands as well?

The level of detail in this painting is just astounding. She appears like an ancient porcelain doll that’s worth a lot of money, but alas, she’s only fashioned out of cake! We don’t know what monster would damage this by eating it — look at those ruffles!

While this isn’t the most palatable cake, it is spectacular and probably more fitting for Halloween, due to the entire crazed boar and mossy grass thing.

This appears like a diamond heart on the exterior, in the most stunning color of millennial pink, yet inside that delicate pink shell is a pure white filling and what seems like dried fruits in the middle. So creative.

We’ve seen our fair share of Little Mermaid cakes tried for kids’ birthday parties or adults with Peter Pan syndrome, but this periwinkle shell-encrusted cake with an oyster and pearl on top surely takes the cake.

If high-end fashion and beauty enterprises are ever in the market for employing a cake decorator, they should absolutely contact Elena, because these Chanel #5 cakes are genuinely exquisite.

Aw, interspecies romance! While the artist can execute some extremely elaborate works of art, we love that she also has a playful and funny side that merges materials and dimensions in an inventive way.

From the texture, this appears like a sponge cake, topped in sparse macarons. This cake seems fluffy enough to lie on, and the coating texture, coupled with the ombre gradient, is amazing. And that bunny is absolutely heart-melting to boot. For those die-hard carnivores out there, we have something for you too. Not sure how well a blood steak combines with cake, but if that’s just wonderful crimson icing, count us in. To some, repulsive. To others, this is food art at its finest.


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