The Craziest Parisian Desserts Matched With Men Shoes

When you start thinking about what shoes might go with your dessert, dressing for the occasion takes on a whole new meaning. To each their own, though. We are all permitted to have interests, no matter how strange they may seem. The Instagram user Desserted in Paris has an unique hobby. They share photos of some of the most stunning and undoubtedly delectable Parisian pastries paired with men’s programs from their own library. This man obviously owns a lot of shoes, and they all look so amazing that you could feel envious. So take a look at this if you enjoy excellent footwear and sweets.

1. Am I right in saying that even the shoes appear to be made of chocolate and look delicious?

2. Taste the rainbow while you wear the rainbow.

3. Want to feel extra hip? All you need are black shoes and black macaroons.

4. It appears that a large box of macaroons and a hamburger van are a match made in heaven.

5. When your pink shoes and yellow socks match your dessert, you know it’s going to be a nice day.

6. Fancy shoes are required for fancy gold sweets.

7. Isn’t this picture making you envious?

8. The greatest flamingo eclairs. Flamingo socks are also.

9. A sugary Rubik’s cube.

10. That dessert looks really tasty. So trendy and gray.

11. We don pink on Wednesdays.

12. You do realize which eclair he will be receiving?

13. Bright snacks for a bright day.

14. There’s love in the air. But seriously, I adore this combination.

15. Every emoji you’ll ever require.


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