The Daddy Fashion Stylist: A Father & Daughter Duo That Will Make Your Heart Swell

Pete and Harlow are currently a famous father-daughter duo on Instagram. Living in Melbourne are Pete, his partner Jason, and their daughter Harlow. A few years ago, they swapped sunny LA for an even sunnier Melbourne.

As Pete likes to say, he is a full-time father. While Jason is at work, he looks after Harlow all day. In addition to dressing his daughter in designer clothing, doing her hair, and taking her to after-school activities, he still finds time to complete some household chores. He claims that being a full-time father is a difficult job; you often go to bed and wake up tired. Nevertheless, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pete is also regarded as the father of fashion styling. He began photographing Harlow for fun. So that they could remember the good times in the future when his daughter is older, he wanted to take as many pictures of her as he could. Pete had no idea that his pastime would be so popular.

He does, however, think it’s cool that Harlow is already making money from her Instagram fame. Pete deposits her earnings into her bank account so she can use them for travel, a car purchase, or whatever else she really wants to do when she grows up.

If you’re wondering what Harlow thinks of the whole thing, you should know that she still doesn’t fully comprehend what Instagram is. Although she is too young to be concerned with social media, she enjoys dressing up and taking pictures. Since Pete has a rule that they only take pictures when it’s enjoyable, it’s never a chore. They don’t do something if Harlow doesn’t feel like it. Through the pictures he takes, Pete really captures his love for his young daughter.

Frequently, people write to Pete with the question, “How do I get my little boy/girl into modeling?” He responds as follows: “I assume they ask because they believe Harlow is a child model. The fact of the matter is that Harlow and I both adore fashion. Due to our familiarity with the brand owner, Harlow only took part in one campaign. I’m not a stage mom or dad. I’m not moulding Harlow into a actress or model. I want Harlow to be who she is and to experience the things she wants to experience. I might take it into consideration if Harlow indicates an interest in modelling and acting in a few years. Might. Her education, however, will always come first. We are simply enjoying ourselves in the interim. I appreciate your love. We immediately send it back to you.

We wish Pete and Harlow the best of luck in their endeavours because they currently have more than 100,000 Instagram followers.

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