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The Hottest, Smartest & Sexiest Erotic Podcasts to Download Right Now

Initially, it might seem strange to use podcasting as a platform for discussing romantic relationships and sexuality in all of its wonderful manifestations. But there are numerous captivating pornographic shows available on the long-lasting medium. (In actuality, some of the best sensual material available are sexual podcasts.) Yes, sex is mostly a physical (and occasionally a visual) activity. But it also has an auditory component. And the podcasting community is investigating that idea in fascinating and original ways.

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Similar to sexuality itself, the erotic podcast environment is broad and diverse. That is to say, there is something for everyone in this very broad and varied environment. Some overtly hot erotic audio programs could completely eliminate the need for sex (or at least, to watch porn). Other erotic podcasts emphasize how silly it can be to be a sexual being in 2022 (pandemic loneliness, exhaustion, and all that!) by framing sex in candid, funny terms that make everyone feel less alone. Others focus on the more political aspects of the subject matter, which might serve as a reminder that sexuality is political and that the right to sexual expression by a consenting adult is one that should be protected.

Listen to one song or a selection of your favorites (and maybe bring a toy along for the ride). It’s actually fairly difficult to choose incorrectly when there are so many different and varied sexy podcast selections available.

Enjoy your listening!

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Thirst Aid Kit

This podcast is a happy admiration session that will make you laugh out loud and lead you down countless rabbit holes of movie marathons, including episodes devoted to celebrities like Keanu Reeves, Henry Golding, and Chris Evans (with rare appearances from the thirst objects themselves). They regrettably had their final episode in September, but long live the archives.


One of the hottest new entries to the list this year is Dipsea, which is less of a podcast and more of a steamy library of erotica (with some helpful educational parts sprinkled in).

You can hunt for the audio erotica that appeals to your fantasies and desires using a charming and discrete software that has a wonderfully simple-to-use search tool, and then let the narrative transport you. It’s a terrific way to spice up your typical porn routine because of the script and voice acting, both of which are utterly engaging.

 “Dirty Diana”

“Dirty Diana” is spoken by Demi Moore and tells the narrative of a lady who escapes her own sexless marriage through her website where women reveal their own erotic families.

The first season is an absolute must-listen because it embraces pleasure and centers women’s sexual desires without reservation.

“Fangasm” brings sensual fan fiction to life with every episode. At least in the auditory realm.

A popular television program or film is honored in each season. (Consider Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and The Office.) So you may think back on stories you enjoyed while imagining all your favorite characters having sexier futures.

 “Sex Out Loud”

Tristan Taormino is an author, lecturer, sex educator, and filmmaker. Each week, she takes the podcast stage to discuss sexuality in all of its manifestations.

“Sex Out Loud” is an excellent podcast to listen to if you’re fascinated about different subcultures of sex and sexuality but don’t know where to start because Taormino invites a diverse spectrum of guests, including sex workers, adult film stars, authors, and regular Joes.

 “Girls on Porn”

If you’ve ever wished that there were a media outlet that actively reviewed porn, know that there is one: the “Girls on Porn” podcast.

Based on frequently searched phrases, the hosts of the program review pornography every week. (And they particularly support sexy porn that is morally acceptable.)

 “Probably True”

That’s really all you could ask for from a podcast, isn’t it? According to Flashheart, the project is “always intriguing,” “certainly hilarious,” and “smutty-yet-charming.”

Take Me On

Jeremie and Bryde, a married couple who identify as polyamorous, host the show “Turn Me On.” The two discuss various aspects of contemporary romance every week, including kink, anal play, and dating apps.

 “Sex With Strangers”

Each episode of “Sex with Strangers” features a different international viewpoint on sex, delving deeply into issues including sex and handicap, sex with strippers, and what it’s like to pay for sex. Host Chris Sowa.

Things become more detailed and instructive. And the roughly monthly episodes cover a variety of intersectional sexuality-related topics.

“Where Do We Start?”

Fans of Esther Perel’s pioneering study of monogamy, “Mating in Captivity,” will be happy to learn it is now available in audio format.

Listeners are given the opportunity to observe an actual couples therapy session as it takes place in each episode of “Where Should We Begin?” by Perel. Anyone interested in the realm of love and sex must listen to “Where Should We Begin?” since it is both somber and seductive as well as everything in between.

With “Savage Lovecast”

One of the most well-liked (and wise) sex and relationship podcasts available is called “Savage Lovecast.” Weekly advice writer Dan Savage responds to queries from listeners about sex and love. (He occasionally ventures into the political realm of sex.)

Top Erotic Podcasts of 2022 | Dying for Sex Image credit: Wondert Dying for Sex

One of the 10 most intense podcasts on this list is “Dying for Sex,” which tells the tale of host Nikki Boyer’s friend Molly, who used the news that she had terminal cancer as an excuse to upend her life and her relationship with sex. It’s an encouraging look at how to live fully 100% in the present with your body and your sexuality, with short episodes (around 45 minutes) full of real and meaningful talks about life and death and sex as well as more fun conversations about kinkier pleasure.

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