The Most Common Mistakes When Shaving Legs

It can take some effort to master your technique when you’re young and learning to shave your legs. You might also experience the terrible razor burn throughout this process. Here are the top shaving mistakes you’re making on your legs; stay away from them for the smoothest skin ever.

1. Using too little exfoliation before shaving

Exfoliation is a function of shaving, therefore if you rub your skin too harshly and remove too many dead skin cells, your skin will become excessively irritated. Your legs’ pores are left more open after exfoliating, which will result in more cuts. Instead, carry it out at least 48 hours in advance.

2. Make long strokes.

You will quickly become cut up if you use short, uneven strokes. Make sure there are no hairs or shaving cream clogs in your razor. Instead, concentrate on tiny areas and work with lengthy, deliberate strokes to prevent the urge to cover your leg with toilet paper.

3. alcoholic lotions

If you use a shaving lotion that contains alcohol, your skin may get even more dry. After shaving, our legs are already dry, so the ideal substances to use to keep them hydrated and smooth are coconut oil or shea butter.

4. Trading razors

Although it might be practical, it is undoubtedly unsafe and unhygienic. Sharing razors can spread bacteria, fungus, and other unpleasant things. Even hepatitis B and C can be acquired when there is blood present. Additionally, staph infections could occur.

5. shabby razors

It’s not acceptable to use an old disposable razor! Even if yours has ejectable blades, you should still replace them. The chance of getting cut increases as blades get duller since you have to rub some areas really vigorously. Sharp blades can also give you razor burn.

6. Shave without rinsing off

Even though you might not think it matters, shaving in the shower will help your legs absorb moisture more effectively. The follicles will be primed and softened, making the challenging chore of shaving much simpler.

7. Following swimming

Your pores are open and delicate during shaving, and doing this activity straight after will leave your legs in a mess, whether it’s chlorine in a pool or naturally exfoliating sand beneath your skin. Instead, give it a day, and you ought to be in the clear.

8. Swapping shaving cream for soap

The worst thing you can do is shave dry, which will rapidly result in cuts, razor burn, and ingrown hairs. Instead of using soap on your razor, which will clog it up and reduce its effectiveness, use a shaving gel, preferably one containing aloe vera.

9. Changing the direction

Shave consistently in the same direction. You’ll be extremely itchy and develop razor bumps for days if you don’t. Going in the same direction is safer because going against the grain can lead to nicks and pull on the hair. If you do require a close shave, exercise caution when approaching those challenging areas.

10. Failure to apply aftercare lotion

Similar to how it’s important to use a shaving cream or gel with moisturizing elements, applying lotion (or oil) to still-damp skin will lock in the water, trapping it in your skin and maintaining the flexibility of your hair.

11. Using a single-blade men’s razor if you’re a woman

Dollar store razors are alluring because they are so inexpensive, but those monstrosities with one or two blades do not fit a woman’s body well. Instead, choose a razor with more blades, such as a 5-blade model from Venus or Schick, which will more closely match your contour and is probably equipped with a moisturizing strip.

12. Putting intense pressure

A tighter shave does not result from pressing firmly! In fact, the more forceful the pressure, the more the skin is traumatized. The best approach is to use newer blades with a lighter touch. Simple gliding ought to do the trick.

13. Resting it on the ledge of the shower

Avoid keeping your razor in an area where it will be submerged in water all the time. It may become more dull and remain unclean. After all, it is essentially just dead cells sitting in a still water pool. Try to hang it up or put it in a less humid bathroom location. Yuck.

14. Employ greater preventative measures

Preventing razor burn requires regular maintenance. Ingrown hairs result from too close of a shave. Use an additional exfoliating scrub twice a week or a body wash with exfoliating properties to prevent this (and the potential long-term scarring it can cause). The skin that is encasing all those bothersome hairs will shed as a result. To relax the hair if you do have ingrown hairs or lumps, apply a warm compress.


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