The Most Flawless Buttercream Flower Cakes We’ve Ever Seen

COVID is the ideal moment to rediscover your inner baker. Not only do baking and cooking fill our bellies, but they also feed our souls. Nature and its breathtaking beauty in calm moments is another thing that has helped us get through this difficult period. These two sources of inspiration were combined by the baker to create her buttercream flower art, which has amassed 100,000 Instagram followers.

Kwun is an artist and baker who owns Butter & Blossoms in Bangkok, Thailand. We’ve seen a lot of lovely flower cake art, so we were shocked at how realistic Kwun’s work was.

Consider this peony sculpture as an example. With calming green leaves to provide some balance, the unfurling motion of the petals and their tendency to curl lend some major movement to this edible artwork.

We particularly admire the way she occasionally paints the cake’s body with the stalks and leaves of the flowers, giving the illusion that the cake is a free-standing bouquet of flowers. We find calm in nature, but the finest of both worlds can be found when dessert is added.

Bean paste and glossy buttercream are used to make her flowers. We can’t believe this isn’t made entirely of fondant.

This baker thinks that the rose is a straightforward classic that we constantly turn to. This is the trickiest flower to construct, she notes in her caption. Even while the glossy, colorful flower is the star of the show, the almost metallic-looking leaf detail is what we really adore. Evidently, a pallet knife is used to create the stem and vein detail.

She is essentially deluged with inquiries for online courses. Everybody wants to create blooms like this expert buttercream maker, and we can’t wait for her next lesson!

While she may have fewer subscribers than some other bakers, her YouTube channel offers much more valuable advice on how to become a master baker. Until then, we may anticipate checking for regular uploads there. It’s almost meditative to watch her paint the flowers.

Kwun adds more than simply flowers to her mouthwatering creations. She really killed it with the sheen on her image of lemons made with Swiss buttercream. Lemons: why? The baker notes that in her area, lemon-patterned clothing is extremely well-known, especially for gowns for women. For a friend’s birthday, she made this.


Obsessed with this iconic rose as well as the way the earthy hues contrast with the delicate pastel ombre. It’s a romantic and dreamy mix set off by the base’s tan with a hint of coffee tone.

Unable to choose the flower you want? Get a dozen cupcakes with a variety of ones on them. This frosting keeps things simple to let the genuine works of art—the flowers, of course—shine. Sometimes the icing base itself is a flowery swirl.

These cakes are edible and utterly delectable, even though sometimes you only view them as stunning works of art. A cream cheese filling that is equally distributed throughout a creamy, light golden cake. This naked cake features beautifully bare sides and a vibrantly alive surface.

Other Mother’s Day cakes pale in comparison to this amazing masterpiece. We like how the color is a lush green rather than the conventional pinks and purples used to decorate Mother’s Day goodies. She constructed what she refers to as her “Arabian Jasmine sculpture” since in Thailand, jasmine is the official flower of Mother’s Day.

She lists exquisite lemon, bananas for bananas, velvety chocolate, and fluffy vanilla among the flavors she offers. Already, our mouths are watering. Although the artist’s chocolate and vanilla buttercream are also very well-liked, her personal favorite frosting is lemon buttercream with fresh lemon curd.

Perhaps use Kwun’s YouTube videos as inspiration to make your own buttercream flower cakes at home. Talents like Kwun didn’t start out as renowned bakers and masters of delicate details; they attained such positions through hard work. This is a much-needed addition to our self-care regimens since it combines Mother Nature with the calming sensation of making art.

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