The Next Big Trend In Jewelry Is Handmade Facial Ornaments

Since the start of 2021, the jewelry trend has been on an unpredictable roller coaster. There have been various jewelry styles that have offered more than just the chance to express one’s personal style. However, some astute writings have also made more potent claims regarding the meaning of beauty in the culture we live in. A jeweler named Joanne T. started one of these trends. She is creating quite a stir in the industry of dramatic accessories with her creative creations.

Joanne T. launched this fad in 2016 when she posted pictures of similar goods on Instagram with the phrase “Not Your Average Beauty: Work in Progress.” Her postings started to become more and more popular as the years went by as she continued to publish and hone her trade. Her jewelry is distinctive in that it enhances the wearer’s distinctive characteristics by blending in with the facial contours.

Her jewelry is “designed by aesthetic instinct, employing only features that contribute to the readability and usability,” according to the bio for the user account @joanne t jewellery. In addition, it says in her biography, “In jewelry, I ensue discourse.” This illustrates how she views jewelry design as an appealing idea that yet adds to the wearer’s improved quality of life.

Joanne T’s account was highlighted on May 8th by popular Instagram account @trend.board, which curates trends in fashion, art, and design. Her work was included on a trend board, which also demonstrated how this trend-setter characterized her jewelry as “handmade facial accessories.”

According to Trend Board, “Her collection of handcrafted facial ornaments is inspired by radical tribal jewelry that strives to counter the current fixation with plastic surgery and the media’s idealization of beauty by empowering users via enhancing rather than changing their natural characteristics.”

With 68,889 likes overall, the Trend Board post performed extremely well and by certain measures, it may be said to have gone viral. Additionally, a lot of responses praised her original designs. Users on Instagram have said, “These are great… Why don’t we accept face jewelry that doesn’t involve piercing the skin? Would want to see these on someone with a nose that isn’t typically regarded as being ‘beautiful,’ said another user in response. Other users praised the necklace as being lovely, great, and nice.

In the fashion industry, which is frequently rife with harmful and unrealistic aesthetic standards, Joanne T’s approach to jewelry makes a striking statement. The essence of Joanne T’s creations seems to celebrate the wearer’s innate beauty as a unique piece of art that is worthy of embellishment in the form of magnificent jewelry in addition to allowing the user to feel free to feel secure in it.

Major publications like NUYOU, which describes itself on Instagram as “Malaysia’s Top Chinese Fashion Beauty & Lifestyle MultiMedia,” have published her work. A top resource for “women who are the first to buy the best, from casual to couture,” Harper’s Bazaar Taiwan, one of the greatest fashion publications in the world, also featured her creations back in 2018.

On a website called APOC, which describes itself as an online marketplace for “for fashion, design, and art, promoting a new generation of creatives,” you can find Joanne T’s work and buy it made to order. They choose items from designers who are seen as progressive and aware of their surroundings. This seems to match Joanne T. and her art extremely well, in my opinion.


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