The No-Squats Workout That Will Shape Up Your Booty, Thighs, And Belly

Every woman aspires to have a booty that meets the golden Kardashian standard. To achieve this, we perform countless lunges and squats to tone our legs and glutes. However, these exercises can be boring, repetitive, and very taxing on your knees. We therefore discovered some low-impact exercises that are equally powerful and will still cause you to feel the burn, but without the needless effort. With these ass-kicking techniques, you can defend your body and strengthen your booty!

1. Wall Bridge

A wall bridge is a modification that also kicks ass, whereas a regular bridge can be taxing on the knees. Walk your feet up about four feet starting with your back against the wall. Then, while keeping your shoulder blades firmly on the ground, raise and lower your pelvis. From the floor, raise and lower your hips while pulsing sporadically.

2. Toe touches the wall in

Until your legs are straight and pressed flat against the wall, line your butt and heels up against it. As you raise your shoulder blades off the floor, reach with both arms for the opposite toe. Your core, as well as various parts of your legs, will be greatly awakened by this.

3. Leg lift and Plank Donkey Kick

This full-body exercise will tone you up quickly and is far superior to any squats. Get into a plank position (if necessary, switch to forearms), bend one leg 90 degrees, and kick the ceiling while pulsing with the heel of your bent leg toward your booty. Similar to a reverse mountain climber, perhaps. then alternate legs.

4. Wall shears.

Cutting scissors while lying flat on the ground can frequently be painful for your lower back and difficult to keep your spine in the proper alignment. You get more glute activation by pressing your feet up against the wall. Starting with your back to the wall and your legs straight, lift one leg toward your head while supporting your hips with your hands. Repeat on the other side.

5. Leg extension and hydrant

This cheekily named position begins on all fours with knees hip width apart and wrists over shoulders if you want to develop some juicy, IG model hips. At hip height, bend one knee to a 90-degree angle, then lift and extend it to the side. Burn feels wonderful.

6. Frog

These movements may seem counterintuitive because we aren’t accustomed to working our back bodies as much. However, they actually do! Place your stacked forearms on your forehead as you lay on your face. Flex your feet and open your knees to the side while engaging your glutes. Squeeze your heels and glutes while pressing your forearms into the ground to lift your thighs off the floor and then slowly lower them back down.

7. Prolonged Glute/Leg Circular Motion

This one also begins in a neutral cat-cow position and is performed on hands and knees. Extend one leg straight out behind you, lift it high, and squeeze the glute while maintaining neutral spinal alignment. Then, tighten up the entire leg, including the inner thigh, by making slow, controlled circles with your ankle. The small muscle groups in the legs and glutes that this move targets are what make it so effective, so be sure to change directions about halfway through.

8. Clamshell

This abductor-strengthening move can help you tone up your outer thighs and glutes while you’re lying on your side in a safe and efficient manner. Use the arm you’re lying on propped up on your head, with the other supporting your core by pressing into the ground in front of it. Bend both knees, keeping them closed, and then lift the top knee to open, slowly returning it to the closed position, like a clamshell. An added resistance band will really make you work!


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