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The Sexual Health Supplies You Can Pick Up On Your Next Costco Run

We’ve long argued in favor of equipping yourself and all other sexual beings in your life with a complete set of sexual health resources, including both playthings and safety precautions. And it turns out that there are quite a few of those items that you can purchase with your Costco membership that can benefit you as a person who engages in sexual activity. The list isn’t very long (yet?). However, you can find the accessories you require alongside your other favorite cult Costco products, whether you’re looking to practice safe sex, keep everything lubricated as necessary, check to see if you’re pregnant, or even adjust a few of your favorite sex positions to be a little more comfortable (there are some good sturdy pillows for that).

To order the items you wish to have on hand, in your bed, and in your medicine cabinet, click through. And keep in mind: You won’t need to prepare if you remain prepared.

At SheKnows, our goal is to empower and inspire women, and we only highlight goods we know you’ll adore just as much as we do. Please be aware that if you click on a link inside this article and make a purchase, we might get a tiny commission from the sale and the retailer might get some auditable information for accounting.

ONE (10 ounces) Oasis Silk Premium Personal Lubricant

When it comes to sex after menopause, sex with toys, and just good sex, lubricant is king. A good-value bottle of soft, pH-balanced lube from Costco is a complete steal. It includes a 2 ounce travel bottle and an 8 ounce at-home bottle.

Multi-Positional Memory Foam Pillow by Bliss

A multi-positional, thick memory foam cushion like this one is perfect for a sex pillow since it can modify and enhance postures that might be less comfortable otherwise. It also has a cool touch knit cover that is machine washable, which is essential. Whatever tickles your fancy: support your arms, cover shouts, pad and lift your lower back!

40 condoms, ONE UltraFeel

Although there are plenty of condoms on this list, barrier techniques are always beneficial for all types of partners (especially if you’re playing with one another’s toys or with different people!) This 40 pack is special because it includes adorable little sachets of water-based lubrication (we love to see it!) and is excellent for sex that you want to have right away.

One Mixed Pleasures and one hundred condoms

These condoms, which come in 10 distinct forms and sensations, are another alternative from the ONE brand, allowing you to switch up your evening sex plans in a secure and pleasurable way. These are strong, enjoyable, and customizable based on your partner’s needs and equipment.

100 Condoms, Super Sensitive, One

This 100 pack of condoms is a terrific inexpensive option for stocking up on essentials for safe sex because it has thinner, smoother Sensatex latex and 50% more lubricant.

40 Assorted Condoms in the TROJAN Pleasure Pack

extra condoms But these Trojan ones (for anyone who supports the illustrious brand) give a ton of diversity for various forms of sex. With their double ecstasy, ultra thin, fire and ice, ultra ribbed, or sensations for female enjoyment, latex condoms ensure that you can completely personalize your encounter.

First Reaction Pregnancy Test with Early Result, 4 Tests

One of these is always useful to have on hand! A quick-response and reliable pregnancy test in your medicine cabinet will ensure you get the answers you need right away, whether you’re attempting to conceive or want to avoid any surprises at the moment.

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