The Way You’re Holding Hands Reveals More About Your Relationship Than You Think

One of the most crucial aspects of a relationship is touch. As with our eyes and hearing, our skin is a very delicate sensory organ that requires stimulation. Because it helps us connect with our partner and communicate our feelings to him, when we fall in love, we want to embrace and hold each other as much as we can. Holding hands is one of the most potent sensations, according to researchers from the Touch Research Institute, and it may reveal a lot about you, your partner, and the relationship as a whole. Are you curious? What your hand-holding says about your relationship is as follows.

fingers locked together

When holding something, if you and your partner like to interlock fingers, it implies that you are completely at ease with one another. Beyond just physical attractiveness, there is passion, trust, respect, and attraction (although that is also present). Additionally, the way you hold hands conveys to your spouse your willingness to be vulnerable with them.

with one finger

You and your partner enjoy having fun together like two rambunctious children. There is a lot of room for experiments and experiences in your relationship because it is laid back and fun. You two make the finest playmates because you both bring out the best aspects of each other’s inner child. You two enjoy spending as much time together as best friends would. However, you two have a stronger bond and great regard for one another. Just be careful because a looser grip could indicate that your spouse isn’t as invested in the relationship as you thought he was.

Face to face

Even though this is one of the most informal handshakes, it can reveal a lot about your connection. Usually, the partner who is more dominant holds the hand with the palm facing down. Guys frequently use this motion unintentionally as a form of protection. Therefore, if he frequently grabs your hand in this manner, especially when crossing the street or when there is a large crowd, it is a sign that he genuinely cares about you and wants to keep you safe.

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The hand grabbed

When a spouse leads you by holding just a few of your fingers, it indicates that the two of you are not overly reliant on one another. You two are independent thinkers who treasure your personal space and alone time. Even though you have a variety of interests that are unrelated to your spouse or your relationship, your connection is extremely strong, and at the end of the day, all that matters is that you have each other.

Arms entwined

Linking arms signifies a deep affection between the two of you. Although it may seem a little formal, if you often hold each other in that way, it signifies that you are very close and the outside world seems to vanish when you are with one other. However, keep in mind that if his hold is too tight or too weak, your relationship may become possessive or insecure. In general, linked arms signify that you have your partner’s back (and vice versa).

His hand resting above yours

He does this thing where he just covers your hand with his and stays like this when you’re casually watching movies or just relaxing on the couch together. As easy as it may seem, it is a highly intimate and deep moment since it is similar to spooning but done with hands instead of a spoon. He is demonstrating his concern for you and want to keep you safe by making this gesture.

touches your face while holding your hand

According to experts, stroking someone’s face is exceedingly intimate and can only indicate that they are deeply interested in you. The best thing in the world is when your spouse holds your hand and touches your face at the same moment. similar to how you instantly melt inside when a guy tucks your hair behind your ear… For men as well, it feels fantastic!

slackly laced fingers

One of those hand-holding gestures that is not in your face could indicate one of two things: either you are in a public setting where he feels uncomfortable engaging in heavy PDA, or he is simply hesitant to pursue things further in this area (and others probably, too). The most of the time, though, he does it to subtly demonstrate to everyone that you are all in this together and that he has your back.