The Worst Colors You Can Wear During The Summer

Finding the perfect colour for summer is crucial for both maintaining your cool and maintaining your style. Everyone has their own sense of fashion, but in general, lighter hues are preferable in the warmer months. Darker hues can make you sweat, particularly on days that are savagely hot or humid. Wearing specific colours and dressing according to the season are equally important and make a huge impact.

That said, it’s a bit of a Catch-22 because black colours offer superior UV protection while light colours are less likely to absorb heat. Evidently, cloak-like, thick black fabrics are better at deflecting heat than thin black materials, which do it quickly and intensely.

We advise wearing light clothing and adding SPF protection to your skin in the form of sunscreen because wearing these dark clothes all the time in sunny weather would be very uncomfortable for the majority of people. Try wearing various black outfits on days when it’s not as hot to see whether it prevents you from becoming burnt.

Never wear:


The absolute worst colour to wear in the summer, especially when the sun is out, is this one. Compared to white clothing, black clothing better absorbs heat. Sweating more and becoming more fatigued as a result of heat absorption leaves one unmotivated to do anything. This can ruin a good day or night out and possibly increase the risk of heat stroke.


While grey might keep you cool in the hot weather, it’s not particularly forgiving, since they show sweat stains quite easily. This goes for both light and dark greys. Prevent grey to avoid being online tagged in a sweaty photo!

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Dark purple, brown, and emerald green

All of these hues appear better in fall and winter and are more aesthetically suited to the colder seasons. Instead of using these gloomy tones during the summer, choose light neutrals, splashes of colour, and pastels.

Do wear:


When the sun is pounding down on you furiously, sweat stains aren’t really noticeable, and it will keep you as cool as possible. White is also usually such a clean, light look during summer.


It’s possible to add a burst of colour without sweating in warm weather by picking the appropriate pastels for your skin tone. Think of floral prints if you want to experiment with colour in a way that isn’t too overpowering because they are subtle and may be blended!

Blue: a unique middle ground

If you don’t want to wear black or white, think about wearing blue instead, which provides some UV protection without as much heat absorption as black. The shade of blue will undoubtedly make a significant difference, but denim is a fabric that can be worn throughout several seasons and comes in various thicknesses. In fact, when it comes to skin protection, the Skin Cancer Foundation gave denim a good rating.

What kind of weave and fabrics to look for in your summer clothes?

What attire in this hue should you wear now that you are aware to stay with light colours? Be sure to use textiles like cotton, linen, eucalyptus, and bamboo with light, loose silhouettes. Since loose clothing allows more air to circulate over and around your body, it will keep you cooler. Avoid wearing restrictive clothing composed of textiles like polyester and other non-breathable fibres like spandex.

Wear a hat this summer

In addition to using SPF creams, wearing a hat with a wide brim or carrying a parasol when out and about is the ideal method to double down on skin protection. Your clothing can become even more fashionable with these accessories. Although you can wear a cap, the side without the brim won’t be as secure (ie, your face or the back of your neck.)

The ice cube test

Don’t trust us? Put an ice cube on a piece of clothing that is dark, and another one on a piece of clothing that is light and exposed to direct sunlight. You’ll see right away that the black piece of fabric melts the ice far more quickly than the white one.

Psychiatric variables

Did you know that white is frequently linked with being cool, clean, and light, which causes white apparel to provide a desired psychological impression. On a humid day, simply staring at the colour black will make you perspire!

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