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These Are the Sex Toys Your Favorite Celebrities Actually Use

There aren’t many things better than famous people being honest and transparent about their sexual life. Knowing that our favorite celebrities are out there embracing pleasure, having a good time, and using their influence to shatter taboos surrounding something that everyone should be able to experience safely and happily: sex, is comforting. Additionally, since they have sex toy budgets that are a little more opulent than the rest of us (looking at you, GOOP! ), it can be really entertaining to see the cool sex toys celebrities can afford as well as, more importantly for the rest of us regular people, the more affordable ones that they fervently support.

Lisa Simpson.

When Ashlee Simpson appeared on stage to sing an edgy duet with this Disney alum in 2004, she transported us back to that year.
Not every celebrity needs to shout about their favorite vibrator style, make, and model from the rooftops (I mean, I can dream…), but many of them have appeared in interviews to extol the virtues of a toy that has blown their minds, expanded their horizons, or perfectly complemented their lifestyle and sex life.

These celebrity sex toy faves range from the tame to the wildly adventurous, and we adore them all equally. From an on-brand green vibrator recommended by Alicia Silverstone to the infamous sex bench we saw Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson carry into their flat. Even though not all of these are identical replicas, they all come close to being the same toy based on recent interviews and shout-outs. Look them over and consider purchasing them for yourself to enjoy a celebrity-studded sexual encounter.

Demi Wand by Demi Lovato and Bellesa

The most recent celebrity sex toy collaboration, this time between Demi Lovato and Bellesa, is a sweet little wand (in a cheery yellow color).

It’s a lovely feel for at-home or on-the-go play with an airpods-style store and charge case and a small but mighty toy with eight different settings.

Regarding the release, Lovato said: “There is nothing more empowering than bringing your pleasure into your own hands.” “It’s time for us to erase this stigma; we have pretended for far too long that we are not sexual beings. We all deserve to enjoy ourselves. Orgasms are something we all deserve.

From Maude, a Minimalist by Dakota Johnson

In 2020, Dakota Johnson joined the sleek sex toy firm Maude as an investor and creative director. Since then, she has discussed how accepting masculinity and sexual health has been the pinnacle of self-care.

She has gushed about Maude’s Vibe, a toy that is wonderfully attractive, simple to use, and gender neutral, as well as their pH-balanced wash for down-there self-care.

Celebrities’ Favorite Sexual Objects: Goop’s “Intellectual” Vibrator

Goop’s “Intellectual” Vibrator It’s no secret that Gwyneth Paltrow enjoys a good vibrator, and in early 2021, her business Goop released their first-ever original vibe using their double-sided wand.

The ultimate wonder-ball wand for external massage is the Double-Sided Wand Vibrator’s one end. For targeted stimulation, the opposite end is slim,” they stated in the statement. Eight distinct pulsing patterns with various intensities are present on each side. And sure, we also wanted it to be the most attractive vibrator—if that’s your thing, something you’d store on your bedside as a useful object d’art.


Lily Allen, Womanizer’s new “Chief Liberation Officer,” worked with the company to create her own version of their Liberty clitoral stimulator. It has six powerful intensity levels that leverage Womanizer’s Pleasure AirTM technology and is a wonderfully adorable toy for both experts and newcomers. Lily approves.

Lily Allen and Womanizer’s Liberty

Bella Thorne, an actress, isn’t hesitant to be open and honest about her enjoyment of sex and sexuality. She revealed the toy that does it for her while promoting her new single “Shake It” in March, and it was a dual-stimulator favorite that is well-liked by a few other celebrities on our list.

According to Thorne, “I prefer a rabbit vibrator.” “I call it that since they resemble rabbit ears; I’m not sure what the proper name is.”

She was correct; in addition to G-spot stimulation, the rabbit (like this one from Better Love) delivers with its incredibly efficient and effective bunny ears. It’s fantastic, too, Bella!

Better Love Vibrating Rabbit Lily

Sex Bench Restraints by Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson are an excellent way for couples of all dynamics to experiment with power dynamics in a fun and safe manner. The Master Sex Bench is a versatile and comfy piece of sex furniture that enables you to optimize constrained positions for penetration, impact play, and whatever else you can think of. It was first spotted on Twitter in 2019 when the then-couple hauled it into their flat.

Since then, Cara has developed into a sex influencer in her own right. In 2020, she partnered with Lora DiCarlo as a co-owner to work together on brand-new goods that were inspired by the community.


It’s no secret that some of the products listed and suggested by GOOP can be a bit pricey. One such illustration is the $15,000 gold dildo from LELO. Although it’s offensive and definitely outside of anyone’s realistic sex toy budget, isn’t it attractive to look at?

 Alicia Silverstone’s Leaf+ Vibrator |

Alicia Silverstone’s Leaf+ Vibrator Alicia Silverstone is well recognized for her environmental consciousness, thus it seems sense that she would support vibrators made by The Leaf, which are also environmentally conscious.

“I appreciate how feminine and natural they appear…

In a blog post about the vibes in 2012, Silverstone described them as “like leaves and flowers…not terrifying.” Additionally, they are manufactured of phalate-free, extremely soft (and secure) silicone. Rechargeable batteries are also used. Additionally, they are sent to you in packaging that is both covert and produced from recyclable materials.

Box of Butt Plugs from Jennifer Lawrence (Brought to you by Wendy Williams)

Years ago, Lawrence, who is renowned for her personable demeanor, told a tale on Conan about how her hotel maid accidentally discovered a package of sex toys, namely butt plugs, and how she hid them beneath the bed (whether it was a joke or not that she had that many different plugs).

We encourage you to try out all kinds of butt products (with the proper lube and attitude) and perhaps give this Wendy Williams Butt Plug beginning kit a try. Anal play is cool and fun (for twice the celeb action).

Johnson, Doc Triple Anal Training Butt Plug Kit for Wendy Williams $24.99 BUY NOW

The Rabbit Gift from Eva Longoria Go-to

In 2005, Eva Longoria admitted to SELF that masturbation has been essential to enabling her to enjoy sex and that her love of a specific vibe has served as a simple, kind present for her pals.

“Prior to that, I wasn’t very sexual. Three years ago, I purchased my first vibrator, she claimed. It’s too bad I didn’t find it sooner. I now give Rabbit vibrating necklaces to all of my girlfriends. When they open it, they yell. An orgasm is the nicest present I can give them.

Rabbits are widely available on the market; they are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and strengths. This classic design from Babeland features a bunny fingers clitoral stimulator and a non-threatening penetrative dildo.

Beyoncé, Jay, and I Go Shopping at LELO

Also seen shopping at LELO’s 24K gold Luxe line, Jay Z and Beyoncé selected Inez (as recommended by GOOP) and apparently spent a sizeable sum ($6,000!) on pleasure. (Well done them!)

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