These Delicious Raw Vegan Cakes Are An Edible Work Of Art

Although going vegan is great for you and the environment, let’s be honest: when we think of vegan food, we typically picture lots of salad, fruits, nuts, and seeds. However, there are a lot more vegan options available. Even Oreos are vegan, as are vegan burgers, chocolates, cheese, and other types of junk food. But did you know that, if you know where to look, you can actually find pretty amazing-looking and delectable-tasting vegan cakes?

If you’re looking for fantastic vegan cakes, you should follow the CulinaryDots Instagram account. The chef, Julianna, resides and works in Berlin. She uses organic ingredients to make these incredible vegan cakes that are not only delicious and vegan but also raw, which means they contain more nutrients.

Juliana also has a website where you can get in touch with her and order catering for your wedding, birthday, or any other occasion, or just because you want some delectable raw vegan food. Cakes, pies, vegan sushi, and other vegan fare are all made by Juliana. A number of the recipes she shares can be tried and made in the comfort of your own home.

But her cakes were really what we wanted to highlight. They really are masterpieces. So go ahead and take a look; who knows, you might decide to visit Berlin soon to sample these delectable raw desserts.

Look at these cakes, please. Each petal was created with such love and care.

Each flower appears to be flawless and real. It’s difficult to imagine that it isn’t adorned with actual flowers.

How appetizing does this seem? Those miniature roses are absolutely adorable.

The cakes almost look too good to eat. It resembles an arrangement of edible flowers.

This is where the term “culinary dots” is used. Simply admire those lovely polka-dot cakes.

Those flowers seem so real. If you can get this edible goodness, why would you even want to order a wedding cake decorated with real roses? And don’t you think the pineapple cake has a rather whimsical appearance?

Roses and polka dots appear to be the most popular or simply Juliane’s preferred decorating style.

Once you put roses and polka dots together, you can see that it works well.


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