Things You Should Avoid Doing To Long Hair At All Costs

We are not being sold hair products for the health of our hair by commercials and stores, but rather for profit. Therefore, it’s crucial for us to take matters into our own hands, recognize the things that might seriously damage our hair, and do everything in our power to limit the harm. Here is what you need to eliminate from your routine in order to maximize the health and shine of your hair because you probably do these things on a regular basis.

1. Avoid brushing damp hair. Instead of saving time by brushing your long hair into an updo, use a faster drying equipment like a super-dryer with a cold temperature to reduce damage. If you brush wet hair, it will break and suffer severe damage.

2. Avoid using harsh dyes; going from black to blond or vice versa is much worse for your hair and can result in irreversible damage. Use natural dye or semi-permanent dye instead, which are softer and fade more quickly.

3. Avoid using conditioner that contains sulfates, dyes, or parabens. The worse a conditioner is likely to be for you, the cheaper it is or the nicer it smells. These items are actually incredibly terrible for your hair because they are similar to putting laundry color in it.

4. Use an intensively moisturizing conditioner with ingredients like castor oil instead of using a lot hair store-bought conditioner, which will make it oily. This will promote development.

5. Avoid using a cotton pillowcase for sleep. The dryness and frizz that cotton promotes are avoided by satin pillowcases. Satin allows the hair shaft to rest contentedly on the material, preserving the health of your hair.

6. Don’t use the incorrect rubber band or hair tie. Use elastics without metal connectors to prevent snagging. Additionally, avoid wearing your hair in tight ponytails, which can stretch and damage the hair shaft.

7. Completely forgoing conditioner! Finding a lightweight conditioner is critical since conditioner is essential for promoting growth, adding shine, and caring for your hair from the inside out, even if you have thin or oily hair.

8. Avoid getting trims at the salon. Purchase a pair of high-quality scissors and clip your own hair; this will hasten the growing process. These scissors will become your new best buddy if you’re concerned that your stylist could cut your hair a few inches too short.

9. If you visit a swimming pool, make sure to rinse the chlorine out of your hair as soon as possible or rinse your hair in the shower before you enter the pool to reduce the absorption of chlorine. Additionally, you can purchase a specific shampoo that can assist in removing chlorine from your hair.

10. Use moderate amounts of hairspray. Hair becomes crunchy and exceedingly delicate as a result of the damaging freezing action, making it dry and brittle.

11. Avoid washing it daily! It’s crucial to skip your morning shampoo because overwashing might deprive your hair of necessary natural oils. Limit your washing to a few times per week and only use light soap.

12. Don’t pull your hair out of knots! Your hair will be seriously harmed if you rip them with a brush or your fingers. Working from the end makes it simpler to remove young tangles before they turn into giant monster tangles, thus a slow upward movement is the ideal course of action.

13. Avoid overbrushing. A healthy, shiny head of hair does not result from 100 strokes every night. Increase your finger usage. The natural oils from your head that gather overnight will be more present if you comb through your hair in the morning; these oils will naturally nourish your hair.

14. When using curling irons, straightening irons, or blow dryers, use moderate heat. Try to limit the use of heated hairstyles and keep the heat settings moderate.


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